Trasporto at Bloomingdales-Chicago

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    I was at Bloomies today trolling for the Trasporto. Well I was so psyched to see they had them. I wanted a Buon Viaggio but there were none on the floor, so I asked the SA to check the back. She came back and said there were not any. I did some shopping and was on my way out the door and the SA came running after me. She found one, and I am so excited. They have a bunch of styles as well as Tutti, Spiaggia, and one Lamore Buon Viaggio.
  2. Uggh... I guess I'll need to make the trek (well taxi ride) up there during my lunch hour. Sounds like you had a good SA. The last time I was there, the one I spoke to was SO snotty!
  3. congrats! it's cute:tup:
  4. they had two bv's at bloomies old orchard today! i bought one of them since it had my perfect placement. i really wanted a campeggio though. did they have any there?
  5. Yes, I think they did. I get confused between the Campeggio and the Cucciolo.
  6. Thanks! and by the way, your bv is adorable! i can't decide if i should just keep mine or switch it for a campeggio. i guess i'd have to find a campeggio i really liked first though! ;)
  7. Yeah ozbaby on your BV!! Love your pp!!
  8. ozbaby - love your bag. Now I want to get one as soon as I can go to Bloomies. But I probably have to wait until the weekend. Hopefully the have an avventura left.
  9. Oh man I was at Old Orchard today, but didnt bother making the trip towards bloomies! Darn!!!:push: