Trash Bags?

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    [​IMG] Bill Cunningham/The New York Times

    Published: November 26, 2006
    At first glance, you might think these women are carrying trash bags. Well, they’re not. It’s the latest Chanel plastic carryall, about $1,000, with chain handles and a signature double-C charm. A few are in leather, and, one, below, is a rare satin one. The bag, first spotted in Paris last month, above, is the superstatus bag carried by shoppers on Madison and Fifth Avenues. There is a waiting list of months to buy one.
  2. LOL I really think if you are petite, it does kind of look like a trash bag. Plus I think it is a casual bag and some of those women in those photos look to dressed up for it with what they are wearing. Thats just my opinion.
  3. It is fascinating to see them all together like that.

    I would love to know what others think about the picture. What do we think of the dressy ladies in heels carrying the bag?

    ETA - Tura**Satana beat me to it!
  4. awwww i misss my coco cabas:heart:
  5. i wish i didn't see this picture! now i really see why people say the vinyl ones look like trashbags! :ninja:
  6. :sad::hysteric:that is truly funny..
    I dont own one..
  7. :huh:oh the satin one looks divine!
  8. Too funny! It looks fairly silly on the women in suits and heels, IMO. But others wear it well.
  9. andddd I think mine still makes a statement.
  10. I can't get over how this picture bothers me. I suppose it is because the same *type* of NYC woman is wearing it... it looks so trendy.

    I think if I were to see just one woman carrying this bag, it would look like the fabulous bag that it is, but together, as in this photo?... they look like lemmings.

    In other words, a bag that is very distinctive, such as this one, should not go down the street with its sibling on the arm of the person next to you. Carry it when your friend has a different bag on her arm.
  11. Those pictures are so funny. Think several photos are of the Extra Large.

    I do LOVE my large and get lots of compliments.
  12. Glad I did'nt get one now....
  13. glad i got one in leather ....
  14. :confused1: I was planning to get one... should I??
    It does look like a trash bag....
  15. I would not carry a bag like that if my friend were carrying hers. That looks pretty weird.

    I just don't like those really, really big ones. I glad I got mine in leather!