Trapped Aussie miners have been rescued!!!

  1. I just got a breaking news alert from that the trapped miners in Australia have been rescued- I think they've been trapped for almost two weeks!!???? :amazed:

    Its on now!!! :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo:I just read it, too! So nice to hear good news for a change!
  3. oh, that is great news, we heard about it in the UK just today, apparantly one of your well known news reporters died at the scene too :sad:
    Horrible, so glad they are safe, they must have been so frightened.
  4. totally glad that they're out!!! 2 weeks is such a long time! can't wait to hear/see/read their interviews!
  5. nice to hear a good outcome.. hope they will be okay n safe with their families..
  6. Yes, it's marvelous news!!! The 2 miners were trapped there for a fortnight! Our news have been covering the story since the mine collapsed. Sadly there were 3 miners who were trapped and one of them was found dead about the second day into the ordeal. The reporter who suffered a fatal cardiac arrest at the scene was a renowned 60mins reporter here in Oz. He will be missed:sad:.
  7. 2 weeks?! Wow. I'm glad they're out. Sad about the one that died. =(
  8. Wow that's amazing. I'm very relieved for their families. My grandfather and many of my family on my mom's side were coal miners. Hard, dangerous work.