Trapeze vermillion orange

  1. Haha I know some people may find me crazy, but I have to admit that I bought the royal blue tricolor trapeze last Christmas when the hype hadn't really started yet and found myself a little disappointed when I first received it. It was pretty, but not as stunning as what I had expected from the pictures I'd seen. The contrast with the black also made me a little uncomfortable. That being said, I didn't have my hopes high for this vermillion trapeze, but I was so pleasantly surprised by it that I couldn't take my eyes off it.
    I agree 100% with you about the burgundy trapeze. I really worry about ruining the beautiful flap. I love this combo and think it truly is a piece of art. :biggrin: I also want a terracotta trapeze as well, but my spending has gone a bit out of hand recently... And the black croc stamped + suede wings trapeze... I saw a girl carrying it once and I literally followed her for 5 min just to stare at the bag. It is truly amazing!
  2. Yes, I long for the terracotta trapeze as well. But now I've also seen the new tricolor khaki! Who knew??? It is totally TDF! Both are large but I can do it after shoulder strap though. Can't go on like this. I'd better just throw in the towel :smile:
  3. I saw one in HK Celine on display not for sale. While the color is stunning, I'd prefer trapeze in tri-colors, it's more exciting, one color tone is quite boring IMHO
  4. I came to a similar conclusion...with so many fabulous tricolor trapeze bags, the monochromes fall down or off my wish list. My only exception is the black/black suede trapeze but I must have the 2 textures :smile:
  5. Can I just ask these recent post of the Fall 2012 has a red trapeze. Is it vermillion? As per this thread or it is another red?

  6. Fall 2012 trapeze is coquelicot
  7. So the vermillion trapeze that is available in store now is not the fall collection? No wonder the colour of red is so different from vermillion. When will the red coquelicot trapeze hit stores? Thanks for your help
  8. I will not buy the vermillion and wait for the coquelicot trapeze. I really want a red bag!
  9. The collection itself starts coming into stores in June, but I'm not sure if they know when exactly they will be receiving which bags.

    And btw, I love the vermillion trapeze, I've only seen that colour IRL for the first time last week, and I'm almost convinced that I need some vermillion in my life :p
  10. I received this bag just on Monday, it looked stunning!
  11. Does anyone know when the coquelicot trapeze for fall 2012 will hit stores? Currently I only can find vermillion. Anywhere offering coquelicot trapeze preorder?
  12. Gorgeous colour.....I have the mini in this colour & it always gets so many compliments & goes with so much........It looks great on you

  13. You know I have just got back my Royal Blue Trapeze from being repaired & when the SA got it out of the dust bag I had so many admiring stares so this is still my absolute favourite bag & for someone that has 25 bags thats saying something......The royal blue will always be my favourite bag but all the colours are TDF including the Vermillon :graucho:
  14. omg 25 bags :amazed: totally envious! I'm glad you finally got your trapeze back !
  15. :roflmfao: Honey I know you too have a stunning collection :p

    I'm so happy to finally have her back where she belongs on my arm ;)