Trapeze Size

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to Celine and an dying to get a tri color! Just wanted to know which tri color is more popular out of the two in the photo?
    Also, do all the sizes come with a strap?

    I've searched the forum but haven't found much info.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I believe trapeze has 2 sizes. Small size comes with straps, large size without straps but longer handles.. i prefer the one w beige wings, but im still searching for the best combination for my liking..
  3. i only saw trapeze in 2 sizes - small and large. if you have lots of stuffs to carry in the bag, i am afraid trapeze may not be a good choice because imo the leather's thin n quite light, and the stripe looks not strong enough to hold it. other than that it s a perfect everyday bag, and no matter what color combo you go for, i just think it is so beautiful. i have mini, phantom n trapeze, so far my favorite is still mini.
  4. Yes, the trapeze does come in 2 sizes, small (with strap) and large (no strap). I own a small one and it's definitely the perfect size for me, the strap is also very useful. For the color, I like the one on the right much better!
  5. This is my exact dilemma... :S I'm really picky about colours and the combos available right now are not 100% to my liking... And the fact that price goes up every season, i feel like i should score a bag as soon as i can!
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  7. Echo the other girls on the smaller trapeze. IMHO, the shoulder strap makes it more usable. Also prefer the one of the right with the beige wings of the choices. GL on your search!
  8. I am just wondering what is the width of the Trapeze with the wings out, not tucked in... I am tossing up to get the Small or the Large one, but one requirement is to fit my laptop which is 35cm wide. So if the Small trapeze's width is 35/36cm with the wings out, then I would get that one, but if it is too small how wide can the large Trapeze expand to?
  9. I have the small, and it fits my Mac book air 11 inch.
  10. Go for the small one in the color combo on the right! Its neutral coloring means you can wear it with everything :smile: