Trapeze PM/GM?

  1. I don't think it comes with lock and keys. There is nowhere to attach them.
  2. The Trapeze bags do not come with a lock and keys. :smile:
  3. No it doesn't.

    The bag in the auction is in great condition, but its been marked up about $400 +. Just for your info.
  4. I don't believe that it comes with keys and lock. My fiance's sister has one and I can't imagine seeing hers with a lock & key somewhere. **Personally** I like the Pink Trapeze PM better than the GM model :smile:
  5. The retail was $1140 so I think the auction is fairly priced. ;)
  6. I think the trapeze in pink is really cute and girly whereas the grey is more mature. Whichever goes with your personality type more is the one you should get, I heard the pink was the more popular color though.

    Also it doesnt come with lock and keys but there is a hole on one of the side tabs for you to attach it (or there's a hole to attach something, not necessary lock and keys)
  7. Thanks for the input guys.

    I thought the retail was $1140, but londonbrat did mention it was $400 markup. Either way, Im not sure if I should wait for a grey one to pop up or get both!!:biggrin:
  8. get both!! :yes:

    and then whichever one you don't love, sell it :amuse:
  9. goodness!

    Can I take that back!!!! I mis-read it! I thought the auction said 1,999!!

    It HAS NOT been arked up $400. In fact its a great deal!
    SINCERE APOLOGIES! :flowers:
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