trapeze on let-trade

  1. do you all think that its a good deal? i'm really bad at looking flaws, if anyone see any flaws of the bag please point it out please thanks alot! :heart:
  2. I don't see any major flaws...other than the scuffed corner that may be a tad dirty (in pic 16)? There also appears to be a small stain on the base of the handles (see pic 8 & 9). For $879, I think it's a good deal.....someone please buy it so that I don't! :roflmfao:
  3. Look pretty good to me! It's a beauty!
  4. OMG.. I have my eyes on it and cerise speedy but I want brown or grey trapeze..not really pink kind of gal..I think it's awesome price..someone should get it pleaaaseee..
  5. i love looks really good for the price!!! but i'm looking at a grey pm one..i hope there's one after i get out of my ban =)
  6. It's a great deal! If I didn't buy the Jasmin in September I probably would buy this NOW!
    Get it! Get it!
    The only worry for me is getting the cloth dirty...
  7. I agree, I would like a different color as well.
  8. i wnat it bad..but i'm thinking between this and chanel cambon pochette..hmm
  9. Oh boo.. why am I so broke ! Come on school, I need some spending money now and then !