Trapeze GM in Rose

  1. Hey all! :wlae:

    I just wanted to pass some information along. My friend Laurence who works at LV in Neiman Marcus has informed me that his store has a Trapeze GM in rose. Yes, this bag is discontinued! If any of you tPFers would like to get your hands on one without going through Ebay or paying the high mark up, he has the only left in LV's inventory.

    Here's his contact info:

    Louis Vuiton - Fashion Island - Newport Beach, CA
    949-644-2244 OR call 866-Vuitton and they can have customer relations connect them to my store (free of charge) and ask for Laurence.

    (Neimans charge and or Amex by phone, and in person they can pay cash or check!)
  2. Here's a picture of it that I pulled of the net:

  3. aww that's so nice of you Michelle!

    Thanks for the heads up, hopefully someone from the forum gets it.

    btw for anyone interested, retail was $1350 but I don't know if the price increase had any effect on it
  4. Oh I so want this bag in the PM in rose :sad:
  5. Ooh, this is a gorgeous bag. I hope someone here gets it!
  6. Thats such a gorgeous bag. Did anyone get it yet?
  7. Michelle! Your so sweet! haha, thanks for posting that for me!

    I worked Sunday and yeah it was still in the back, I don't return to work till this coming up yeah I'm hoping its gone by now, but yeah anyone who is interested, totally call my store... its LV store #058 and yeah... you can call 866-Vuitton and ask to be connected to my store (toll free) of course...

    Yeah the price increases never change the seasonal bags, so yeah The Trapeze Gm still and will always be $1,350.00.


    Laurence :smile:
  8. Hey you!

    Aww. You're on here? I like to keep you a secret! Hee hee. I'm greedy and I want you all to myself. (I don't mind the rest of the **II group though!) LOL. You and Karen. Hahaha. The funny thing is I'm serious. :sneaky:
  9. Awww - I'm your ***** forever!!! YOU KNOW THAT! hehe, for sure I be on the DL... hehe =P
  10. my mum has this bag and it's so pretty! :love:
  11. It is a pretty bag! I hope she's enjoying it!
  12. The prettiest bag ever! Please post pics whoever gets it.
  13. Oh man...I really, really, REALLY want that bag but I just blew my money on a Balenciaga bag!! :sad: Oh well...maybe if I happen to find one on Ebay or at a consignment shop in the future, I'll be sure to snag one! Whoever got it, post it here!
  14. Yeah The Trapeze GM in Rose is still sitting at the store alright! haha...
  15. oh yes, she does! :yes: