Trapeze color

  1. Hi girls!
    Anyone seen this trapeze in store?
    Which is the name of this color?
    I'm in love.....
  2. Sorry.... I forget to attach the pic!
  3. colour is called yellow!
  4. Thanks....
  5. I love this trapeze! Is this from current collection?
  6. Saw it yesterday at Barney's Beverly hills ask for Jeremy in Celine or the personal shopper Michelle they can send it to you!
  7. Thanks lisabmiller.... but I live in Italy....
  8. Check Bonanza and eBay - we at tpf are happy to help you find an authentic one and many sellers ship to Italy. Good luck! :smile:
  9. I've looked through pictures of this season's Celine Trapeze colours, however, there doesn't seem to have a complete collection on the official website.
    Is there supposed to be a Nude colour (Monotone) in the winter collection? I have already missed the Dune colour and wouldn't want to miss out on another neutral colour.
    It's the one in the first frame, bottom right at the back (The neutral!)
    Thank you very much!