1. I know Pulse is one of the first, if not the first to get the new prints, but does anyone know how soon Metropark gets it after Pulse? I'm crossing my fingers it's out in Vegas!!!:tup::tup::tup:
  2. :huh:o good question! i'd love to know this too so i can run (not walk) to metropark for my vacanze xD

    if your talking about right now though, i can tell you that they dont have it. i was there about 4 days ago and they only had Tutti and Spiaggia :smile:
  3. Ohhhh tutti!!! Awesome!!! I'll be there from Friday through Monday. I might get lucky!!
  4. :p i was lookin at them and the SA overheard me saying i only wanted the qee on the Tutti and hes started saying stuff about how only real bags had qees and thats was the only way you could tell if it was fake >_> i was like mmHmm... yea... xD
  5. BWAHAHA!! You should have gone over & explained all the things fake bags really don't have that real ones do to him. :nogood:
  6. Metropark is sometimes one of the first stores to have the new print and sometimes the last. You'll just have to cross your fingers. In the past I've gotten some of my bags at Metro before Nordies or Macy's had them and I'm talking a good 2 weeks before. Hopefully you'll find it there!! Good luck! ;)
  7. :p i know! thats y i just listened to him and shook my head xD
  8. i'll be sure to let everyone know if I see any! we'll have our laptop with us!!! :okay:
  9. I can't wait to get my preordered Transporto Zucca from Pulse! Isn't Transporto supposed to be released this Friday or Saturday? How quick does Pulse usually get them? I hope she gets one with the school bus on the front like I asked for... :drool:

  10. i had mine too, i was going to post here for you guys but the casino wanted to charge me 15 bucks a day to use the internet LOL :wtf:
  11. ahhhh yikes!!! i think the internet comes included in our room rate!
  12. Hehe, I asked for the same placement! Hopefully there are 2 in her shipment (fingers crossed)! :sweatdrop:
  13. I asked for the same placement, school bus on the front. But I preordered the Gioco. I hope they get one. I tried to preorder a denaro and Ciao in Vancanze, but they had none left. All the spots were taken :tdown:.
  14. From Casey:
    Transporto is expected to arrive Aug. 25- Sept. 10.

    I am still taking preorders for Vacanze, but alot of styles are sold out. The ciao and denaro are unforunatly.

  15. i also preordered transporto from pulse... to other ppl who have preordered from pulse when dose ur preorder become official?? i mean they should get them in next week so do they contact u before they get them in or exactly when they get them in?