Transporto&Tutti prints on BAGS (site w/pics)

  1. cshelle24 on LJ posted this and I figured since it wasn't on here...I'd post it.

    Has pics of Tutti & Transporto on bags...and they also have a pic of the the new qee on the tutti bags...I wonder what qee will be on Transporto?

    Also, I'm kinda starting to doubt if I will like Transporto becuase of the DULLNESS w/ the gray..oh god, please let it be more bright...I am not spending $183 for a zucca that is going to be dull..maybe I will get a different style if it's really that dull.
  2. Oh, someone posted that in another thread already! It's what made me debate whether I want the zucca or the bambinone...!!
  3. Ah, guess I didn't read that wasn't purely about this then ah?

    Doesn't matter, if the mods want to close this one they can.
  4. Ah...ok I guess it was the thread title that didn't catch my eye.

    the mods can close this now.
  5. Yeah, it was purely about the new prints and photos of the styles from that website. We've all been going back and forth on it for quite a while... We all seem to agree the Tutti print is a lot bigger than we thought it'd be!