Transporto sold out??

  1. I just called lesportsac customer service to order a transporto denaro, and the lady told me they were already sold out!!

    Then i tried to order it online, and it went through (hopefully i won't recieve an email later saying they are definitly out of stock)

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. NOPE!!!! I placed an order yesterday and I just got a call saying they were out of Transporto Denaros.
  3. I just called back to tell them to go ahead and ship my Stellina anyway. And as far as they know, they are not getting anymore Transporto Denaros in!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I know for a fact that they had 13 in stock yesterday afternoon, because I asked. I wanted to exchange mine and needed assurance that LeSportsac wouldn't run out between the time I sent mine back and the time they processed the exchange. But if they're all out, I guess I won't be doing that now.
  5. WOW :wtf: they haven't even had them listed on thier site for a whole week!
  6. Is it possible they held one for you?
  7. Hopefully will be getting some in.
  8. I'm sure they will.. It's just crazy that Lesportsac doesnt have more.. But they'll get more.. :cool:.. If not then they are the dumbest business ever...
  9. As far as the lady on the phone knew, they wouldn't be.:crybaby:
  10. is weird. A couple of weeks ago they had several styles listed with Transporto as a choice as a pre-order. I looked today and nothing is offered in Transporto any more. I know a few people did pre-orders from them - are they going to fulfill the orders?

  11. Maybe they will get some returned. I ordered two, planning to keep only the one with my more preferred placement.

    Also, I tried to add a transporto denaro (just to see if I could) to my cart and it didn't work. Tried again with several other bags and none would update my cart. Something strange must be going on with or maybe just me.
  12. I'm supposed to be calling the LSS salesperson back later in the afternoon to see if I can still pull off this exchange thing. There is a possibility she held one for me, but I wouldn't bank on it.
  13. Geez!:wtf: Sold out already??? I hope my denaro from Pulse ships soon. Makes me nervous still waiting on it. I didn't think this print would be THAT in demand. I can just see the eBay prices start skyrocketing.:true:
  14. Omg!!!
  15. I smell flippers. :tdown: