Transporto print! Likey or me No likey?

  1. Do you like the Transporto print? yes or no why? I personally kinda like it but not to the extent that I like the older prints. ;)
  2. I like it... It looks so much cuter in person though.. I just won a Trasporto Zucca on eBay so I can't wait to get it.. It's not my fav print but I like it a lot.. :yes:
  3. i say nay. because i do not like the grey background :sad: the characters are so cute though...
  4. Inferno has a gray background too and its cute... IMO the gray works really well on Trasporto. It makes the other colors popped out... :yes:
  5. i do now that ive seen it in person. I didn't like it when it first came out though. They grey looked too masculine for me.
  6. true! but between inferno and trasporto the grey is way more obvious imo.

    i do love the scuola bus though T-T and the two indians in the canoe are so cute
  7. Likey! I didn't like it at first, but then I saw it in person and loved it.
  8. haha I really like it! it doesn't get dirty easily...i have a Mamma mia, denaro, and nuvola in the trasporto.
  9. This is exactly why I bought a Campeggio in Trasporto. It's good for a schoolbag, and it's gray, so you can carry it around to somber places or more formal places and not be bothered too much.
  10. i absolutely HATED it when i saw the swatches online, but i love the little indian couple so i bought a denaro.

    even after i got it, i thought i hated it (except for the indian couple) then i went to macy's to buy makeup and i fell in LOVE. i want a dolce so bad.

    i need to wait to get paid before i buy any more toki tho :x
  11. I love the vibrant characters on the grey background. I think it's a little more toned down than the older prints, but still cute
  12. I don't like it, even after I saw it person. I prefer the "scene" prints, they are much more entertaining and intricate to continuously blend a whole story and background. I kind of felt like he got lazy with Transporto and Famiglia, but came back with a bang with Vacanze!
  13. I don't really like it at all. :tdown: It's my least favorite of all the prints. I don't know why I just don't like it. I feel like it's younger looking IMO. The only thing I got was a caramella in that print. It's the only print of all the prints that I don't have a purse in! :nuts:
  14. I agree, I like 'searching' the scene prints and discovering new things I hadn't noticed. That being said, I like the print much better Irl than the swatches. I got it in a BV but mostly cuz I'm late to the toki scene and don't have many 'retail or less' options to purchase in that style. I like it but don't looove it like other prints.
  15. So far, I only have denaro. But if I see the good bargin later, I probably get the stellina.