Transporto ...... & other collection (Pixs!!!!)

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  1. Presenting my 1st Transporto, just purchased tonight!! I'm so happy....:nuts: Saw the Tutti collection but dont really fancy it IRL due to the black & white prints (though its pretty cute as well) ... enjoy!!!
    Gioco.JPG closeup.JPG prints.JPG topview.JPG gioco1.JPG
  2. More pixs of my Gioco + my other 2 collections from Pirata collection(my zucca) and (forgot what's the actual name of this collection (my mama mia) pls enlighten me... :p I'm really in :heart: with my Tokidoki collection... :wlae:
    gioco2.JPG gioco3.JPG 3 babies.JPG
  3. wow lots of people must have that placement on the pirata zucca..

    i just realized one of my flickr contacts is my zucca twin. but now it's triplets ;)

    yayy you got sandy on the front of your gioco :smile:
  4. Cute gioco!!! I might have to get a Trasporto in that style as well... :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:My wallet is suffering s:huh:o much!

    Cute Pirata Zucca and Spiaggia (;)) Mamma Mia as well.
  5. Congrats on your trasporto!! Aren't they fun to gawk at!! I can't wait to for my zucca to arrive from Casey! I got my denaro yesterday from lesportsac. I'll have to post a pic later!
  6. Waiting for your pixs-Q luvs Tokidoki!!:yes:

    Tonight I carried mine out for the very 1st time, and someone came and complimented on my gioco..asking me if that is the latest collection and I'm so glad to find someone who likes Toki as well!!!!