transporto? foresta?

  1. my sis is in korea right now, and stopped by a lesportsac store. she said that there were many of the old prints, but didnt specify if foresta was availible! however, im asking her to get me a foresta stellina. but since its more of a scenery print, should i get a different bag without pockets? whats the best bag for the foresta print minus the ciao and ciao ciao?

    also, is there going to be transporto stellinas? i like the way its not much of a scene so i can not be worried about it being cut up by the pockets. i saw on another thread that pulse wont be getting any transporto stellinas. help? :sweatdrop:
  2. oh gosh ... I really don't remember if they'll have trasporto stellinas ..

    umm as for the foresta, I have a foresta campeggio and that is just a bigger stellina ... I think even with the pockets the print looks fine on it.
  3. best bags would probably be BV, aventura or luna for scenic prints. there seems to be a very limited selection for trasporto. stellina won't be available for pre-order from pulse. you could get a campeggio or zucca.

    available transporto list: denaro, canguro, bambino, ciao, dolce, campeggio, zucca, gioco, ciao ciao, scuola, cucciolo, and aventura. hope this helps.
  4. How is the price of toki in korea?
  5. Foresta BV or a Luna would be great for the print! Both bags are pretty big.. Cant go wrong with big bags..

    I want to ask the same question as Swtest2Lips.. How much are tokis in Korea?

    My sister is in Hong Kong and the prices there are MORE than retail here! Junk :push:
  6. googlygrape~ foresta BV will definitely show off the prints very well

    miss dana~ lol prices in HK are still considered much cheaper to retail here in SG..which is really sh*tty!
  7. My BV and Luna show alot of the Foresta print if that's what you're aiming for. I don't own a Campeggio but like they said on here, that would be a great bag for showing all the prints too! :p Oh the Trenino does also!