Transporto Denaro Pic

  1. Awww cute! I wish it weren't so blurry, but maybe that'll be my one trasporto purchase!! :p
  2. Did it come out already?!?!
  3. still hate the gray.. =[
  4. Seriously, where has it come out?? Macy's in SoCal are just barely getting Tutti!
  5. Oh! I need one of those! When I tried to pre-order a denaro from Pulse it was too late.

    I love the size of the many on one denaro.
  6. On top of that, it has the Native American couple on the front and that's EXACTLY what I want!!
  7. I know. Me too!

    I'm suddenly very excited for my zucca to come.

    Grey is my favorite color and I think this is will perfect for fall.
  8. Oo:huh:o so cute!
  9. NATIVE AMERICAN KIDS i'm hoping to get that too because i'm native american lol i just said that in the other thread but repeating cuz i seen the pic now
  10. how in the WORLD did this person get their trasporto so fast?!

  11. That's just what I was thinking! There are a lot of little characters on it!! Yay!! Seems like a perfect print for us small bag lovers!! :p
  12. Dang!!! WTH! I thought Transporto doesn't come out till later. That was really fast for someone to get a Transporto. I sorta want a Denaro in Transporto now
  13. omg so blurry lol...
  14. Did anyone read the comment under the pic?? It says she might return it b/c it has the same print on both sides :wtf::wtf::wtf: where the heck did she get it from. I'm so curious....wonder where she lives? :confused1: