Transporto Denaro on eBay!

  1. Is that the same one that was on Flickr? &Where do people get these things before they're out??!! So cute, though.
  2. Very cute. I'll wait for my pre-order through Pulse though. $114.99! :shocked:
  3. Does anybody else think it's weird that the placement is exactly the same on both sides? I don't think I'd like that. Even if the placement on the second side wasn't great, I'd want it to be different from the other side.
  4. Tokidoki is burning a huge hole in my I still need something in Citta Rosa, am lusting for a Black Camo Ciao, want something in Tutti (even though I never did until I saw it and thought it was cute), and now Transporto (which I didnt even like, and now when I saw it on the denaro, it's a really cute print)... But I am on a ban and even if I wasnt, I am But I will find a way to feed my tokidoki addiction..haha
    This is the second to last print right?
  5. lol i saw that.. it looked pretty cute though i'd probably prefer a different mix of characters..

    haha i know what you mean Danelys!! i just got a CR gioco and paradiso denaro in the mail today.. but my collection is so far from complete T.T i hope that the last thing i will get of these upcoming prints is the vacanze gioco i have on pre-order..
  6. I wonder what color it is on the inside. I should ask the seller.
  7. OMG super cute !
  8. I don't think it's weird. I see a lot of Denaros with almost the same print on the front and back. Like this...

    But I don't personally like a bag or denaro with roughly the same front & back. I want more character bang for my Toki buck.

  9. lol yea i think i get the whole l'amore print on my bambino cause one side has one half of the characters and the other has the other half :p i like my paradiso zucca though because the pink girl is my favorite part and she's close to the middle on both.
  10. Does anyone know what color the inside lining of the bag is going to be? I hope it's a new pretty color!
  11. I just emailed the seller to find out the color of the lining. I'll let everyone know what I hear.
  12. Blah, it's orange.:yucky:
  13. I love Orange.. It's my fav color.. Well I have many but it is one of them... hehehe