Transporto at JapanLA

  1. For those you live in LA area Jamie from JapanLA just sent an email:

    NEW tokidoki Transporto Lesportsac bags are in:

    We only got a few styles of these: Canguro, Ciao Ciao, Scuola, Trenino, Campeggio.
    Just got them in today. We still have some of the smaller bags in Famiglia,
    Spiaggia, Adios Star, and Pirate, and Tutti...and some backpacks and belt packs too!

    she says she has posted pics on her blog and are available through her online store. Not sure is she will help with placement. I just sent her an email to see if she will help.
  2. yeahhh i just got that email too...too bad i'm broke lolz.
  3. I heard that girlfriend... I was hoping to have a little more time to save up. :crybaby: