transportation: Laguardia to the financial district

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  1. I am leaving to NYC for the first time on Friday. I need to find transportation from Laguardia airport to my hotel, The Wall Street Inn (9 South William Street). Please help!
  2. when u get to the airport, there will be a taxi line you can wait in (dont just pick someone off the street, make sure u go to the appropriate line). the subway also runs right into lga if you fee comfortable taking them
  3. bag, I think you're mistaking LGA for JFK airport. The subway does not go into LGA - you would need to take a bus to the subway. Your best bet would be waiting for a taxi at the taxi line.
  4. was early. thanks for correcting me!
  5. NYC girls, please correct me if I'm wrong but I think taxi fare from LGA to Manhattan is $45 plus tolls ($6 or so?)
  6. Would getting a taxi at the airport be cheaper than reserving a shuttle service? The cheapest I have quoted online is about $65 for a car (just drop off).
  7. ^ I'm guessing it's about the same or a little more for a shuttle. And at least with a cab you don't have to wait or share with anyone else!
  8. yes, this is correct.
  9. Thank you all for your replies... So I would be better off just getting in the taxi line.

    How do the taxis work in NYC is it on a running meter or do I ask how much before I get in the taxi?

    Is this part of NYC (the hotel) considered Manhattan or lower Manhattan? I know the hotel is about 3 blocks away from Wall Street and walking distance to Battery Park.
  10. Taxis have a running meter. The driver will have a general idea of where to go but make sure you have the address and nearest cross street too.

    Lower Manhattan is a neighborhood in Manhattan, which is part of NYC.
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    No, depends on where in Manhattan. I live on the Upper East Side in the 70s and taxi to/from Laguardia including tips and toll is usually about $28, rarely more than $30. I can get a car service for $33 plus tip and tolls too. Laguardia is only 20 minutes from the UES. But if you are in Lower Manhattan it will be more. Redney -- I think you are thinking of JFK which typically has a $45 flat rate to Manhattan. JFK is much further out, like 1 hour plus from where I live.

    Kenia -- your best bets are a taxi or a car service. Lower Manhattan is a bit far from Laguardia. You may want to contact car services to see what they will charge. I use Carmel and Dial7 car services. If you use a taxi they will charge you meter plus any tolls and it is customary to tip at least 10%.
  12. Sorta OT but once you are there, Google Maps is enormously helpful in finding subway stops from your hotel to where you want to go. I'm not a huge fan of my Iphone but it really comes in handy with the Maps while wandering around NYC.

    Also - if you are checking car services from lga, at the same time, check them back to LGA for your departure (well, ok.. if that is in your plans!). Your hotel can also help arrange taxis and car services too.. but sometimes the cars can be more expensive. Just things to check! Have a great time.
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    I live in the general area & it's usually about $27-30+tip to get home from LGA. When you get into the cab, tell them "I'm going downtown - the Wall St Inn, on William just east of Broad. Take the BQE over the Brooklyn Bridge". There are no tolls going over the Brooklyn Bridge, so it's the cheapest route to get downtown. (edit to add...the BQE just say the letters B-Q-E. It stands for the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, but everyone just refers to it by the initials.)

    Make sure you get in the taxi line outside of baggage. Ignore any guys standing by the escalators asking if you need a cab. They're gypsy cab drivers & aren't official yellow cab drivers. Enjoy NY!
  14. Oh wow, thank you everyone! I will definitely follow your advice. I am so excited about the big apple! I'll be like a kid in a candy store.

    I plan to get up early Saturday morning and hit The Statue of Liberty! I'm so proud to be an American...