Transparent Plastic Kelly?


Yay or Nay?

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  2. maybe ( a lot)

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  1. Is it real?
  2. I would get it just for fun.
  3. I've seen these in my Japanese Hermès magazine. I don't understand the text but my friend gave it to me to look at pictures. I think it's supposed to be a souvenir from some Hermès exhibitions or something.
  4. I've seen these around too,.
  5. I remember this as some kind of limited edition rain cover.
  6. I just saw a pic of this in a book - if it was cheap, but otherwise I wouldn't -
  7. OMG- look at the second auction! It went from no bids at $50 up until the last 10 seconds when it sold for $103.50!
  8. I like your idea of it as a pool bag. It would be very funky and summer fun. Cute!
  9. i think it's really cute for a beach/pool bag :yes:
  10. It's really cute, but it would basically be a prop for me.
  11. I'm going to bid on it- my snipe is already set! But I probably won't get it, especially considering how much the first one sold for, and I really won't pay $100 on a beach bag. lol
  12. super cute and fun. have reasonable expectations because it can't be too durable. hermes ought to give these out instead of the rain covers that they currently include with the kelly, or maybe in addition to.
  13. Cute, why not?
  14. Nay for me ... sorry...