Transparent Inclusion PM & GM Bracelets

  1. So what do you think?

  2. OMG..I want GM one now..
    So pretty..I can't decide which one I like more..
  3. :nuts: i didn't know there was a GM one now! i love it!
  4. are there many red crystal in GM one?? I love red crystal in my PM, it's shine like crazy especially under the light...
    what is the retail for GM?? I think I got my beige GM around $350..
  5. Yes there will be a GM in the new red! They didnt get them in to my store yet though. The price was $350.

    Oops misunderstood your question. Let me count them...
  6. It's really hard to count them, I think there are 15 red/topaz crystals.
  7. I want this one and the new color!!!
  8. Very Pretty:yes: - Congratulations
  9. Oooh. I love the clear gm.
  10. YAY! it's pretty!!
    I'm def. getting it tomorrow!
    Thanks for the pics!!
  11. i've never even seen the GM. wow! it's big, huh? i love big bracelets!
    i've been wanting a PM for so long. congrats!
  12. I'm not sure if I love it. It is pretty to look at, but I think it makes the arm look fat(ter) since it is so thick. I like it with the 2 of them together though for contrast.

  13. Thank you for counting them..:love:
  14. Wow, I love the look of the GM. Congrats! They look great together.
  15. Wow!! I didn't even know they were making the transparent bracelet in the gm size! Today was the first time I heard about it from another posting. Wasn't sure if it was true, but you had the proof!!! It looks good!!! Thanks for posting the pics!!!!