Transparent Inclusion Bracelet

  1. Has anyone seen the new transparent inclusion bracelet for sale in the US yet? I know the berry bracelet and keychain are in LV stores, but I have yet to see the transparent ones. Just wondering if they've made it out to anyone else's stores yet.
  2. here in germany they aren't out yet. and so far i know also not in US
  3. here in canada, we're looking at either November or December...
  4. Thanks for responding! The SA I spoke w/ here in town said there weren't any left in the US, making it sound like they had been in stores, but had sold out. When I called the 1-866 number, they just said they would be out "soon".
  5. They have not been released in the US yet.
  6. So pretty, I am so looking forward to get this baby..


  7. Those are great pics!! I wanted the framboise, but now I am rethinking ...
  8. None of the LVs have this bracelet yet???
    I'm getting worried, what if the SAs at Holts forgot to/decided not to call me???
  9. OMG. I have to have it!!
  10. I want one.
  11. Anyone know the price on these?
  12. $230 USD
  13. I just called LV and the woman has no clue when they'll be in.
    It wasn't the usual SA who helps me and this lady wasn't very friendly on the phone.
  14. Very tempting!