Transparent Inclusion Bracelet Question

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  1. Hi ladies and gents ;)
    Stupid questions but I'm not in the loop as much as I used to be... :banned: till after Christmas.

    So can anyone tell me does the newest Transparent bracelet come in GM too??? I have the beige GM and I just adore it. I really really want the transparent but I want the GM. Does anyone know?? TIA!:heart:
  2. No..clear and berry only come in PM size.I love my beige GM too. I should get a phone call to pick up my clear bracelet by the end of this week.

    Sorry..I wished it comes in GM too..Gm size has more confettis
  3. Awwww.. dang! I know! I LOVE the confettis. darn darn darn..

    Thanks bagsnbags!

  4. No problem..I think you still should get it's so pretty!:love: :love:
  5. I just got my phone call yesterday! My mom is picking it up today :smile:
  6. According to the gentleman I spoke with at 1-866, LV will no longer make ANY inclusion bracelet in the GM size. Only the PM size will be produced.
  7. Hmm, I was thinking of selling my GMs, b/c I like the PMs better, but maybe I should hold onto them for awhile if they aren't going to make them anymore....
  8. The GMs are pretty, but I'm sure they look HUGEEEE on me!
    I'd love love love one of the pink PMs...I'd definitely get one if they were still available...*sigh* I wish. :crybaby: