Transparent inclusion bracelet on eluxury

  1. I know a bunch of gals wanted this. Hurry before it's gone.:nuts:
  2. ooh i want one, but not in framboise... thanks for the heads up! :smile:
  3. oh i guess the transparent one is sold out that was fast
  4. and it makes me sad because i looked on elux at about 5 minutes after your post!
  5. i saw it... added it to my basket, but by the time i tried to check out, it was already showing 'out of stock'

    so close! i'm still gonna keep an eye out for it... it might pop up again
  6. OMG - they fly off like crazy.

    Anyway, anyone who's still looking should just call 1-866-VUITTON. They found me my clear Inclusion Ring and sent it right to me...I had it in a day.
  7. Same here. I got mines two weeks ago (now my wrist are swollen and I can't wear it :cursing: ). The SA at the store in DC was able to locate one at the local Saks 5th Avenue. I didn't realize they were a hot commodity until I wanted one.
  8. I was at bloomie in SF and they have one in clear color it was too big for me, so call to see if it still there