translucent oil control powder

  1. what's the best one? I'm starting to get oily again after accutane and need something.

    Anyone have any suggestions on which on I should try out?

  2. I use M.A.C. Blot Powder/Pressed over my mineral foundation (everyday minerals) and I've been way less oily throughout the day. The mineral foundation is for oily skin, and says it controls oil, so that might be helping as well.

    I keep the MAC in my bag with me, in case I need touch ups but never really need to use it.
  3. I use Bare Escentuals mineral veil, which helps with the oil. Have you tried those rice blotting papers? I know they're made by several companies - you can get them at Ulta or Sephora. They're handy to have in your purse for a quick touch up.
  4. MAC Blot pressed powder is the best! I'm 44 and still have oily skin. I've tried just about everything over the years. MAC Blot is by far the best. It doesn't get cakey or change color or darken as the day goes on.
  5. thanks i've heard about them and I think I'll give them a try. Also, can I use teh BE mineral veil alone w/out foundation? Can I get it anywhere online?

  6. thank you both I'm going to look into this as well. =)
  7. I love MAC blot powder, but I also really like Laura Mercier translucent pressed powder.
  8. I use rice paper blotting sheets. I get one from ULTA that comes in 65 sheets for like $5. Any brand will do..don't waste your money on some fancy kind though. ;)
  9. One of the few BE items I actually like, Mineral Veil.:tup:
  10. I use it alone or over BE powder foundation or over tinted moisturizer. Just depends what my skin needs. Yes, you can get it at or You should be able to get the blotting tissues at as well. HTH!
  11. I also use blotting paper. Clean & Clear makes great ones that you can get at any drugstores (and even the supermarket). I like this grapefruit-scented one they sell only in Asia so I always get "shipments" from my friend.
  12. MAC Blot or MAC blotting sheets......I use them both depending on how much time I have.
  13. I use MAC blot, or the samples of Shiseido I have....

    but I also have some cheapie ones from target that came in a little cover
  14. i use bobbi brown's oil blotting papers. the body shop has some good blotting papers too.