**Translation wanted**

  1. Can someone tell me what "Depose En France Et A L'Etranger" means? Thanks!:yes: :confused1:
  2. I have no idea what 'depose' is (are there any accents on it? Maybe I'm really not as good in French as I thought I was lol, but I don't think that word exists in French...), but the rest means 'in France and abroad'

    A direct translation of l’étranger would be 'the foreign one', but in this context it means abroad/foreign countries.
  3. "Established in France and abroad". I can't really find a better translation for the word déposé.
  4. sounds like tha this from the post office or something, It's been removed from france and is on it's way out (of the country?)

    LOL there are quite a few translations... don't take mine to seriously, only took one year of french
  5. Isn't that phrase from the mirroir pochette? Basically it means that LV has been established in France and abroad/other foreign countries.
  6. It's really frustrating when I understand something but can't really translate it, eg. don't find the proper words. I'm unofficially trilingual but it's not always that easy to translate stuff.

  7. Thanks a ton, I couldn't make any sense of it and yes, it is on the mirroir and on this one, too...
  8. That's pretty much which it means...I think "established" is a good translation for déposer...I don't remember what popped up last time I entered that into an online translator...
    but yeah, the antigua line, miroir pochette/cles, and sophie all have that plate.
  9. "Oui" Déposé means basically established, as in like the name has been established, copyright's / trademark / brand & all, en France and abroad.

    That is a perfectly correct translation :yes:
  10. Oooo thats big one. :supacool: Sorry I can't help with this one but you may want to post this in the translation thread. I don't think this phrase is currently translated in there but I'm sure the knowledgable ladies and gents will now. Use the search function to find the thread. Sure this will help you out.
  11. It's already been translated above. :p And I'm fluent in French, so it's all good :yes:
  12. my uncle was trying to translate that off of my pochette, but all he got was stranger