Translation of print names?

  1. While I was naming prints for one of my friends, I noticed that most of the prints are pretty easy to figure Citta=City, Paradiso=Paradise(heaven), Inferno=...inferno(hell), L'amore=Love, Foresta=Forest...and etc. But there are a few that I have no idea what they're supposed to mean....and I figured I'd ask...

    What is the translation of....

    ^^ just random thoughts haha sorry if this was discussed before~ *sigh* the things I think about during classes....
  2. - Beach
    - Everybody
    - Vacation

    Here, check out this site, I've also looked up the style names, like Stellina means Star, Caramella means candy, etc.
  3. ^^Yeah, freetranslation is pretty good. :tup:
    It's funny you mention this today, because I was just thinking to myself on my way to work, "'Buon Viaggio' is Bon Voyage, isn't it." (while carrying my Pirata BV) :biggrin:
  4. Zucca means pumpkin, which I thought was pretty cute. :biggrin:
  5. haa...didnt know tutti means everyone. i like that
  6. My boyfriend is half Italian and had no idea what the names meant (Portelefono, etc)..except for the obvious ones, lol. (Denaro, bella, ciao, etc.)
  7. noooo..buon means good and viaggio is like trip or journey or something along those lines. in other words

    buon viaggio= good trip/journey
  8. im half italian also! but all the translations i know are because i know spanish and both languages pretty similar.

    porta is like portable
    telefono is telephone

    so it basically is like a telephone carrier

  9. Same thing. Bon Voyage is the French for it.
  10. Buon Viaggio = Bon Vayage = Good Trip/Journey. They all mean the same thing. One's in Italian, one in French, and one in English.:p
  11. haha xD this is pretty interesting! i never knew zucca meant pumpkin, that explains the shape it has~ ^^
  12. duh :p haha
    even someone whos never taken french before should know that. i dont know why it didnt click

    sorry tachikomatic! :push:
  13. Yeah, I was about to say that. haha :yes:

    I forgive you...this time. :p
  14. I would think Bambino means baby? But what does bambinone translate to?
  15. bambino is kid but i have no idea what bambinone is :confused1: