Translated Lyrics Game!!

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  1. Ok, I mentioned this game in another thread, so let's give it a try. Basically, you find the lyrics of a song, paste them into an online translator page, translate to one language (French, German, etc), then take those translated lyrics and translate them back to English.

    For example. we'll use the classic "Workin for the Weekend" by the venerable Loverboy.

    Part of the original lyrics:

    Everyone's watching, to see what you will do
    Everyone's looking at you, oh
    Everyone's wondering, will you come out tonight
    Everyone's trying to get it right, get it right

    Everybody's working for the weekend
    Everybody wants a little romance
    Everybody's goin' off the deep end
    Everybody needs a second chance, oh
    You want a piece of my heart
    You better start from start
    You wanna be in the show
    Come on baby lets go.

    Ok, now I'll translate to German:

    Jeder, das aufpaßt, um zu sehen was Sie tun jeder betrachtet Sie, OH- jeder sich wundert, Willen kommen Sie, aus dieser Nacht jeder, das versucht, ihm Recht zu erhalten, erhalten es recht Jeder, das für das Wochenende jeder arbeitet, wünscht ein wenig Romanze jeder goin ' weg vom tiefen Ende, das jeder eine zweite Wahrscheinlichkeit benötigt, OH- Sie ein Stück meines Herzens wünschen, Sie besser vom Anfang beginnen, Sie im Erscheinen sein möchten kommen auf Baby lassen gehen

    Now, back to English:

    Everyone, which watches out, in order to see that you to do everyone regards you, OH- of everyone is surprised, will come you to receive from this night to everyone, which tries, it right received it quite everyone, which works for the weekend of everyone, wishes little romance everyone goin ' away of the deep end, which needs everyone a second probability, OH- you a piece of my heart to wish, better of the beginning, be you would like to begin you in the appearance to come on baby leaving to go

    Obviously, you'd only post the final translation back to English. Once you post that, the first person who guesses correctly will do the same. YOU CAN ONLY POST LYRICS IF YOU GET THE UNIDENTIFIED SONG CORRECT. Don't come in here and just start posting lyrics left and right. Also, if you post lyrics, don't run off to lunch and be gone for 2 hours. Check back to see if someone has guessed the lyrics correctly so we can keep things moving. Got it? Good! Go!
  2. Oh God, what a horrible German translation!! lol

    Working for the Weekend - Loverboy
  3. going off for lunch breaks. I'm waiting! lol
  4. Well, I already posted the song title in my original post.

    You post yours up now.
  5. This sounds fun! Mel, come back. We're waiting! :biggrin:
  6. I do not know go certainly knows where I however I where I was. Anklammern at the promises in songs of yesterday, an 'I decided, go go I ain 'wasting t no more time however here I again,
    here I again.
    Tho 'I retain to seek an answer, seem I never, to find, what I seek. Alas gentleman pray, I that you give me power, to continue, knows 'Co I, what means it to run along the solitary street the
  7. I gonna have to speak with you in my office??
  8. It was already guessed! Workin' for the Weekend by Loverboy! I was just picking up the slack!

    Nobody posted lyrics and I got impatient!
  9. ^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Charles, i think ur rules are too complex ROFL LOL !!!! I think people just want to post gibberish lyrics!!!

    Why don't we all post gibberish lyrics and YOU solve them!! :roflmfao:

    you're a slave driver, you're not even letting participants go off for a 2 hour lunch!?!?! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Charles's song was Working For the Weekend by Loverboy.

    Mine was Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

    Starting the chain again:

    Alas the time came and know you that you are the only to say in order, that you go that, what you you seek know that, make plays is that the boys not wanna no
    more with you it aware
    motoring, what your price is for flight in the finding Mr. right, who will be you in order tonight
  11. Sister Christian - Night Ranger!

    I'm almost positive that's right, so I'll go ahead and post one up.

    Single it is the room, the base is made
    the open window leaves the rain in
    burning itself in the angle is that only who dreams it
    glie has had them with
    my turns of the body and yearns
    for a sleep that will not never come
    never Relative over
    my reign for a kiss on its relative shoulder
    never over, all mine riches for its smiles when I have slept therefore delicately against its relative one
    never over, all my spirit for dolcezza of relative its laughter never over
    shes the breach that it always hangs in order to the inside of my spirit
    Sink are perhaps too much young in order to only maintain to the good love going badly
    should've you come over cause the relative one not too much delayed
  12. Lover, You Should`ve Come Over by Jeff Buckley

    Say your prayers that few served a, forgets my son miteinzuschließen everyone
    Pare in$$$$$$, comes within you to free of until the sandman it sin warms retains
    Sleep with an eye thrilling openly your pillow thickly
    Exit light registering night never decreases my hand never, to land
  13. Enter Sandman = Metallica

    OH, his villain, babe, the way that you leave enrapture your lenience i. When, well, you know, the identity is always insane - it leaves that the dirty game me it arrests again. Me you made a boxer of shades, baby. I wanna it is it expects for what you make. I swung all round with cause I do not know when you are gonna you make your movement.
  14. This is hard!! I don't know... anyone else?
  15. I have to be honest, I have no clue.

    Hint, please?