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  1. vache fjord doublure chevreure chevre.....................
    I bought a chocolate brown birkin (35) from paris but I don't know the leather type and the color name????????????????
  2. Post a picture of it doll! I'm certain one of our many experts will know in an instant!:wlae:
  3. The leather is Fjord.

    I think you asked this question in the shopping forum too. If you go and have a look at the leather book in the reference section you'll be able to see other pictures of Fjord and a description of its characteristics.
  4. ^^^ Exactly what I posted for xnoorax too :shrugs:
  5. Your bag is Vache Fjord. Thanks Handybags. It is also lined in Chevre (goatskin).

    I love Fjord. It is tough, water resistant and very sturdy. It can be veined or unveined. It has a sparkly quality in the sunlight that makes it very unique. I have carried mine in a downpour and no water damage!

    Enjoy your new bag.

    Built FJORD Tough!
  6. castorny................thanx
  7. now let's see some pics please!