Transitioning from "Leather" to Exotics...

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  1. Hi all,

    I am thinking about getting my first exotic bag this year after acquiring all the colors I want for my "basic" leather collection. I am wondering if you have any advice for me such as:

    1. Once I go "croc," will I not want to go back? I mean, maybe I will not want any of my "leather" bags any more, and will want to change all the colors to croc?

    2. My SA already said I "qualify" for exotics at my store, but let's say when I travel, will the spend be 2 or 3x to "earn" a croc bag vs basic bag?

    3. I started out saying I wanted one black, and one etoupe bag and I was "done." Well, many bags later, I am not done. So right now I am thinking I want one black croc bag, one parchment or Gris T ostrich bag, and maybe one tiny lizard bag. Am I likely to be more satisfied by these exotic bags, or will I start wanting to collect color as well? In other words, do you find that the exotic bags are more "satiating" than the leather bags?

    Thanks so much for your advice!!
  2. Dear puselover888, im probablly not the best person to advice in here, but i do have 1 25cm lizzard birkin, and it is an absolute love of mine. And of course i want more and more and all the possible colors :nuts: but i think day to day i would still prefer a normal leather ones, more casual. Of course it depends on your lifestyle and weather it is suitable to walk around with an exotic ;)) i see and treat them totally different, therefore my answer is no, you would still be excited about a new seasonal color birkin in togo for example:smile:)

    I think that exotics definitely take a different place than regular leather. I feel like I would never bring an exotic bag to work, but would bring a normal leather one. But, this is coming from someone who doesn't have any H exotic bags (and now that I say that... I have brought my YSL Birdie to work... hmmm)

    Also - I always thought that exotics were EASIER to get than normal leathers - if you requested it. Is that not the case? I mean, not significantly easier - but I feel like the amount of potential purchasers for a Black B is astronomically higher than the amount of potential purchasers for a Croc Black B. Again, I am speaking from having NO experience with H exotic bags!

    Great thread though! :biggrin: :tup: :biggrin:
  4. I would LOVE to see that Lizzie! =D
  5. Actually the demand for alligator / exotics is quite high where I am anyway. Apparently the demand for Black Croc/gator is overwhelming. I cannot wait to see what you score.
  6. This is a very interesting thread. I own two exotics, one I bought a long time ago (30 lindy) and one I bought recently (Constance élan). Again, funny how times have changed with Hermes. In the past exotics were not hard to get and now certain ones like B and K are. I find it interesting that your sales person said you finally" "qualify" because I think that is now the Hermes reality and game so many face. Over the years I have been offered many beautiful B and K and have passed on all of them. I was never (mentally) ready for any of them and my lifestyle didn't seem like a exotic B and K would work well for me. I bought the Lindy because I thought it was less noticeable and I got the Constance thinking it would be good for the special occasions and maybe regular use if I'm in the mood especially when the kids get older and easier.

    I truly believe that any person should carry any bag they want and not be judged but for me I am not able to get past what others may think if I wear one to the places I go which are everyday mommy places. With that said, I think you should buy if you love it and are comfortable wearing it. People will notice but will wish they were you! Lol!

    Without knowing you or your lifestyle here is my humble opinions on your questions (sorry for being long winded):

    1. Exotics are beautiful for sure. I think you will still want your leather ones. Just like so many others things in life, it will depend on your mood for the day. Some days you'll feel like an exotic day and some days are leather days where you want to be more casual and under the radar.

    2. Are you only looking for exotic B or K? If so then it may be harder to find when traveling but I'm not sure. I have seen exotics in other styles on display.

    3. Croc colors to me are more beautiful than the neutral ones just like how Hermes does regular seasonal leathers that are just amazing.and oh so tempting. So chances are good that if a beautiful color comes your way you may want that too. How does one ever say no to Hermes? I am almost done completing I think would be a good collection but will probably not stop buying Hermes because it's too beautiful. Keep in mind I have no will power whatsoever. Lol!

    Good luck and I can't wait to see what you buy!

    Ps. I should also say that one day I hope to be more ready to carry an exotic B or K. It's certainly a nice dream for me to have.
  7. Haha - I'm trying to resist the temptation to ask - I'm scared it's the only way the orange slippery slope could get any steeper.

    Although - come to think of it - I have asked for Lizard - to no avail. . . Although, I've been offered a few croc bags, but just never considered it before!

    I can't wait to see what YOU score!!!! On to the exotics :ghi5: hahahaha. :hugs:
  8. It's the same where I am.
  9. My personal opinion is that some colors just look fantastic in exotics (any remember gris de paris in croc? faint over that combo). But just like everyone here, I think you'll always have a fondness for your bags in leathers as well. For me, the bags remind me of a store, a place, a time in my life when I bought them. You always will need your leather bags for 'dressing down' or in rain,, what I'm really saying is...enjoy that new slippery slope!
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    Oh well,

    I've started with exotic, so I think I am NOT the most qualified person to give any opinion...but....YES ! Exotics are Ab-Fab ! and you can wear them all day all year...and you will enjoy them more than you can even imagine.

    You might not want to settle to a dull Togo any longer....
    But you will for sure feel more love for Barenia, Box, Chamonix etc.... Exotics will lead you to the best leathers. ;)

    You will probably have to trust your Sa to provide your exotics. When travelling you will probably be offered the pieces you do not want to buy...the typical touristic items, if I may say so....

    It's true that colors are extra-ordinary beautiful in croc, but they are also a bit more IN YOUR FACE , so you will have to adapt to your life-style. But that is only a pleasant thing to do ;)
  11. I am just starting on exotics and I have to say that the colors are addicting in croc and gator at least. My CDCs are gator already (I just like it better) but the bags....:love: the colors are so wonderful!
    My thing is, I wouldn't carry a croc B in the daytime and I wouldn't carry a B period at night, so it's small exotics for night and under the radar bags for day if I go exotic (and for me this is usually croc/gator in H). Resale on non-B and K exotics is SO much lower than retail that I find it hard to justify buying, say, a croc Lindy in store.

    So in essence yeah - it's a VERY slippery slope!
  12. I have developed a love of croc and alligator after my first H croc but ventured into Lana Marks and some other brands for exotics as well. I actually find I use my Lana Marks positano bags in exotic skin more because it they can be carried on my shoulder, are more under the radar and just easier for everyday use in my opinion. It didn't stop my love of regular leather because I still adore those and they are more practical for my daily life and I love the feel of the soft skin.
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    my first mistake was dabbling in exotic chanel classic flaps. once i went from python to ostrich then gator, it was truly difficult to go back to the leathers (even if i do have the basic caviar bags in classic colors as well as my workhorses). but perhaps it was also because after getting the same style in various colors/skins, it was time to stop. When i made the decision to finally go orange, i went almost directly into exotics. now with one black croc K and one grey ostrich B in my collection, i hope to collect more Ks and Bs in the future, primarily in exotic. i have the evelynes and jypsieres in togo/clemence as my workhorses so i do not mind having to baby the exotic K/Bs so much.

    having said that, however, i think in my case, it's not entirely true that once you go exotic you will stop wanting to buy or use nonexotc bag. i would still love to find a K in a togo that i can use without worry, but i just love the way the K or B looks in exotic. perhaps it is because i see so many H bags where i live (esp the B!), i want something a little more rare for myself. i'd rather have a smaller number of bags but a higher percentage of exotics to non-exotics in my collection, if that makes sense. i also think some shapes take on exotic skin better than others so for me to justify the cost, it has to come in the style and color i want. and just because a K is exotic doesn't mean i want it either. the color and skin and hw have to make sense to my brain and heart at first sight to warrant the buy.

    to answer your last question, i do find the exotic bags more satiating... the high lasts longer :P. i do not crave too many things after an exotic conquest. of course after some months when the sticker shock stings less, the head starts to dream up another exotic to chase after lol. does not mean you'll want to replace all of your current bags to exotic, though. i think part of the fun is finding the perfect exotic combo, not just any exotic, just as you would do with a nonexotic H bag. hth!
  14. Absolutely a great thread! I get a cup of coffee and read this, you started a very good topic!
  15. Omg. I have been tip toeing with this question whether to get preowned birdie or croc, and I am trying to resist due to fearing of never coming back. I have already taste for rarer leathers, what happens if I choose something in exotics? My husbands says I should try something, but this fear is overwhelming. Loving the idea of adapting lifestyle and style around the exotic bag, can I get a driver, dresser, make up artist and all to look the part, lol? My kids would probably love more popping colours in the house, looks great when you draw on them, haha. I really look forward hearing what you gonna get if so, and everyone's opinion about this. My bag collecting has evolved so dramatically over the years towards more luxurious or expensive brands, styles and leathers, is it never gonna end? I guess not. My husband was right all along, he said since the beginning, that this is the beginning of the endless upgrading. He said this with pure love and respect, he loves to see how this thing goes...