Transitioning from co-sleepers/arms reach/ family bed to crib?

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  1. Ok, I would LOVE to hear from you gals about how you moved your little bean (or big bean!) outta your co sleeper or bed and what age you did it.

    My little one is getting too big for the cosleeper and he's still breastfeeding, so I'm at a total loss for what to do next. DH has been wonderful and supportive but thinks he shouldn't wind up in our bed full time - as in, a gradual progression ending up with him in a crib is the goal. Right now he goes down 6:30-ish til about midnight in the cosleeper, then stays in bed with us until about 5:30 am when I get up. He naps mostly in his crib, but only sleeps for about half the amount of time he would when he sleeps next to me.

    Do I move him down the hall and hike over there multiple times each night as he still nurses most of the night (MOTN)? What did YOU do?
  2. We never had a co-sleeper next to the bed with either of ours. We had the crib in our room. We also kept them in there to long. Both of my sons were in our room in the crib for 12 months. With the next one we are going to keep the crib in our room for about 3 months and then move it into her room. That way we never had to transition them from a co-sleeper to the crib. I think it would be best to go ahead and put the baby in the crib. After we went on vacation and had my MIL watch our oldest at 18 months old, we told her to put him to bed awake but she rocked him to sleep of course, and he wouldn't fall asleep on his own after that. We JUST got him out of our bed last month and he will be 4 in two weeks (my husband liked it when they were both in our room). It will be easier to transfer the baby now then do it farther down the road. I think the walks down the hall while baby is still waking up during the night will be worth it rather than trying to transition later. This next one will not be getting in the bed with me unless I fall asleep breast-feeding, I FINALLY got my bed back! :biggrin:
  3. my DS is 6 weeks old and for the past week we've been transitioning him from the co-sleeper to his crib, mainly because he is already getting too big for it (he is growing like a weed!) and i want him to get used to sleeping in it. we usually have him sleep in his crib from 9pm till 3 am when he wakes up for his next feeding. then i feed him in his nursery (i'm BF'ing) and then bring him to our room to sleep in the cosleeper. he usually sleeps till 5 or 6 am and then i feed him again in our room and he then sleeps for another couple hours.

    i'm guess i'm lucky though that his nursery, our bedroom and everything else is on the same floor of our house so its' still all close to each otehr..we barely need to use a monitor. also its fortunate in that my DS sleeps much better in his crib than in the cosleeper. the crib has a nice firm mattress whereas the cosleeper seems a little uneven and saggy. plus he is getting too big for the cosleeper..his arms already easily hit the sides of it (i have the Mini).
  4. I won't daughter is 3 months and still sleeps with us (in a "in the bed" bassinet)...

    I can't tear myself away. I am not having any more babies, so I am holding on as long as I can.

    (Throw rocks at me for those who wish...I won't cry, promise!)
  5. I used snuggles nest for my tiny man he is 5 months and 2 weeks, and I recently transitioned him to his crib. I did it valentines night but prior to that, I had put him in his crib when he sleeps around 9pmish. and then he wakes up around midnight crying at the top of his lungs (he did that 2 nights) so we took him and back to his snuggles nest. But the valentines night, he probably understood that mom and dad needs to do some loving2x LOL, I was surprised he slept until around 4am. He's been in his room since that night and this morning first time he slept for more than 11 hours, yay! im a happy mom now.
  6. i was just wondering about this as well. my DD sleeps with us and i LOVE it! but now she barely moves so i'm not sure i'll being saying that in a year! lol (my baby niece whacked me in the face a couple of times when we slept together-not fun!)

    my DD has a beautiful room and i often wonder if she'll ever go in there let alone sleep in her crib. i was thinking about putting her down in her crib/room soon for naps but she sleeps poorly during the day as it is, unless she's on the couch. but then that means that i'm stuck on the couch as well b/c i don't want her to fall off and get hurt.
  7. Just moved my little one into her crib last night- she'll be 6 months next week. She didn't sleep with us in the bed (I'm way too paranoid), but in a bassinet next to the bed. It's tearing me up since she's my last. I don't have to worry about the bf'ing thing, as she weaned herself from nursing about a month ago (I pump constantly while I'm awake though) so we just give her formula at night and bottles of bm during the day. She's still eating twice a night though, so we just have to get up and deal with being tired. With my oldest, we moved her into her room around 3 months, and she nursed for a year so I'd just sit in her room in the rocking chair and and feed her.
  8. I don't think it matters where you put his crib but how you tuck him in. I like nursing baby to sleep and when he falls asleep that's when I slowly and gently lay him down in his bed. Helps to have dark curtains drawn to keep out the light outside.

    Our DS was sleep trained in his own bedroom where he slept alone, at 3 mos old I could lay him down when he's giggly and he would soothe himself to sleep with the Fisher Price Precious Planet projection mobile turned on for like 5 minutes. We relocated states when he was approx 5 mos, stayed at 3 different locations it disrupted his sleep patterns (not to mention time zone differences et al). We had him sleep with us for a few months because we figured the move might have been traumatizing him a bit, then restarted sleep training when he turned 8 mos old. He now goes to bed without a squeak and sleeps through the night for 8-9 hours straight.
  9. my son was in a bassinet in my room till about 2 months then i started putting him in the crib for day time naps then about 10days alter he slept in it for the first time.. he transitioned well, and it was better for hubby and i for him to be in his own room.. i lvoed hin in our room as i could watch over him right as i am in bed but now as hes getting bigger i think its good hes settled in his room
  10. DD is 6 weeks old and I just started putting her to bed in her crib. She wakes up twice during the night to eat. It's a pain to get out of bed but I'm trying to train her early (if it's possible). Before the crib, she was sleeping in her swing right at the edge of my bed.
  11. Ya'll have so much good advice! Our LO is going to have to go soon... and I'm thinking before he can say Mama and break my heart :heart:
  12. ^^ It's tough, isn't it? We did it early, when DD was 4 months, per some advice of friends who waited too long with their children and had trouble transitioning. It was much harder for me than DD!
  13. Although, she didn't STTN for the entire night in her crib. She'd get up @ 4:30 or 5:00 and I'd nurse in bed and we would snuggle back to sleep. It wasn't until she didn't need a early AM feed that she slept the whole night in her crib.
  14. DS slept in a co-sleeper until he was 4 months. He was just starting to STTN when we moved him to his crib. He never even noticed the difference. It was much harder for me than it was for him.
  15. my dh just asked when Gabriella is going to sleep in her crib and i didn't really have an answer for my. like you, i think it may be harder on me than my dd.