Transisition to a big boy bed

  1. Tonight's the night and I must say I'm a tad nervous. My son, who just turned 3 on the 29th of December is going to sleep in his new big boy bed! He's really too big for his crib now, and we realize we should probably have made the switch a few months ago!

    His crib does transition into a full size bed, but we decided to borrow a toddler bed from my sister, it's a race car bed so hopefully it will be fun for our son! We also have new Thomas the Tank Engine bedding for him so he should love it! It's also lower to the floor which is why we thought this would be smarter to start off with.

    My question is, How did the first night go for all of you that have moved your little ones into beds from the crib? How did you make it less stressful for your child? Or maybe it wasn't at all? I just have visions of him getting out of bed all night long...

    Thanks for your advice!
  2. My son had a twin size race car bed and he had no problem going in it. He was about 2 1/2. There was no stress. We made a big deal out of a big boy bed and had the routine of reading a story before bed and it worked out great. I think your son will love it.
    Good luck.
  3. I don't have personal experience since I am pregnant with my first. But here's what happened with our nephew (3 1/2 now). I think my SIL transitioned to the toddler bed when he was almost 3. At first he wouldn't get in the bed and just sleep with my SIL and her husband. Then she was able to get him to sleep in the bed when she lied on the bed with him until he falls asleep, but then in the middle of night he would take his blanket and climb into bed with mommy and daddy. So that's where he is now. I think it's partly because he is afraid of the dark (even with the night-light), so he doesn't want to sleep by himself. And also because my SIL really baby him and he gets away with things.

    Every kid is different. Good luck with your son. I am sure he is big, brave boy.
  4. How'd it go? Update?
  5. My kids had no problems at all! They loved the idea of a "big boy/girl" bed so much that they just transitioned right in and that was that, thank God!!
  6. I didn't see this in time to offer any advice. . . how'd it go?
  7. I will be transitioning my little guy in a couple of months and I am super stressed about it. I would love an update from you on how it went.
  8. ^don't stress. I have twins and it actually went FAR easier than I expected! We put it up in the morning so they had all day to get used to the idea. They skipped a nap that day as htey were too excited but it all went so well.
    I actually anquished over it for a few months. . . putting it off and everything and then felt a little foolish after the first night because it went SOOO well.
    I kind of talked it up for a couple of weeks beforehand as well.
  9. Well, we (DH & I) chickened out :rolleyes: and decided to wait to do it this Saturday versus on a Sunday. Just incase it doesn't go well, we have another weekend night to recoup before we have to go back to work. We hadn't taken his crib down so my son didn't even know the difference.
    Saturday night is definately the night though, so I'll post an update on Sunday!
  10. That's exactly what I've been doing with my son...asking him in an excited voice, how he'd like to sleep in a race car bed with new Thomas sheets and blankets. He didn't say No so I guess that's a good sign! I have a feeling that I'm probably making more out of this then need be...I was stressed about everything else, like taking away his bottle and binky, and it wasn't stressful at all. Now if we can just get through potty training!! :smile:
  11. ^I agree, do it on a weekend!!!
    I also admitted to making a bigger deal out of than needed be. He'll do fine!

    My boys went into a firetruck beds. . . now I have to figure out how to get them out and into real boy beds!
  12. Update...We set up our son's toddler bed yesterday, right before nap time. Nap time was not fun...he refused to stay in it, but eventually after Daddy went back upstairs for the umpteenth time, he fell asleep. He has a race car bed and he kept getting out of bed because he said he had to "fix the tires on his car"....:love: (he's soooo cute!!)

    Bed time however, went very smoothly! We tucked him in and didn't hear a peep out of him until sometime during the middle of the night, he shifted and it was so loud that DH and I thought he had fallen out of bed. He hadn't at that point. But one other time during the night he started crying and I went in to find him hanging off the bed. So i just settled him back in and he was fine the rest of the night. I was up 5 or 6 times checking on him, but he slept great!!
  13. ^^OMG - That is so cute about fixing the tires on the bed:smile:

    And I know that him falling out of the bed isn't funny, but when you described him hanging there, I could just picture my son doing the same thing and started cracking up.
  14. The good thing is if he had fallen out of bed, he wouldn't have had far to go!
  15. I'm a grandma and wanted to add that my grandson recently went from crib to the big boy bed. My son and dil were concerned about how it would go--he just climbed into it, they read a couple books to him, and that was it! He went to sleep and went thru the night with no problem. You never know what will be a big deal and what will be easy. It keeps parents on their toes, I guess.