1. Did anyone watch this? It aired on both Sundance and Logo. It followed the lives of four transgendered college students and their everyday lives and the planning or going through gender reassignment surgery:

    • Andrea Gabrielle Gibson aka Gabbie, born Andrew: Male-to-female college student attending the University of Colorado.
    • Raci Ignacio aka Raycee, born Roy: Male-to-female college student attending California State University in Los Angeles.
    • Lucas Cheadle, born Leah: Female-to-male transsexual attending all-female Smith College.
    • Trent Jackson Jourian aka TJ born Tamar: Female-to-male attending Michigan State University.
    Back:: Director Jeremy Simmons, Producer Thairin Smothers, Gabbie. Front: TJ, Lucas, Raci

    I started watching the show because it was nothing I've ever seen before. I know what it's been like to hate my body, but to despise it so much that you want to change your gender?

    People should be happy in their bodies, even if it means surgically altering themselves to become another gender, as long as it's well-researched and found to be the right thing to do.

    For the most part, their families support them. Gabbie's parents even paid for her surgery. TJ's parents don't and Lucas was afraid to come out to his father, even though his mother and brother know and are okay with it.

    What I love about this is there's no fingerpointing, and they're not made out to be freaks. The attitude of the whole series is, "This is who I am, and this is my life."
  2. Wow, it sounds like a very interesting documentary. Too bad I don't have those channels.
    Dr. Phil had a show on several people and parents that are going through this. He mentioned the importance of educating people on this issue.
  3. I did not catch the entire documentary, but what I watched was very interesting.
  4. I know, I was watching that Dr. Phil when I thought of this topic!

    I liked how Dr. Phil kept an open mind about the whole thing. He didn't say, "No. What you're doing is wrong, wrong, wrong!" He said to really take time and think seriously about whether or not he's making the right decision.
  5. Man I wish I would've seen it! I will keep an eye out for it to come on again.

    I watched the Dr. Phil episode. I'm confused though, because most of the transgender shows I've seen the transgenders are mad at their parents for designating them, and would rather just have both genitalia, or just what god gave them. But these people are wanting to remove what God gave them. For example a micropenis when born, will usualy be removed/turned into a clitoris and then the baby becomes a female. Which really screws them up later in life, when they can't understand why they like women!
    SO the girl that wanted to have her breasts removed is Gay, not transgendered from what I understand the definition. So then her wanting to be a man seems more psychological rather than chromosonal?
  6. Yeah, there are stories of, say, a circumcision gone wrong and the parents just wind up raising the child as a girl. (That HAS happened, by the way. And the child is affected emotionally because of it.)

    But from what I've heard about it, transgenders may biologically be a woman but their 'gender identity' is that of a man. In short, they don't identify with the gender they're born with.

    Here's a Wikipedia article about it:
    Transgender - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia