Workplace transfers


Aug 8, 2011
I've been a SM for over a year now at a mall location. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but my store has done a pretty good turn-around since I took it over, and I'm considered one of the stronger managers in my district.

For a few months now I've been mentioning to my boss that I'd like a transfer to a store that's busier, larger, and NOT a mall store, so I can plan more events and do things more on my own call, rather than being confined to mall rules. I know it takes time, and with the holidays nearing I hoped I could get in somewhere else before then, but understood when it didn't happen.

Well, randomly a SM at a nearby store (well, near-ish....I already drive about 30 min to work, this store is even further away, tacking on another 10-15 min) was fired. They brought in another guy for that store, and I was SO HAPPY it wasn't offered to me. When I had the "gee it'd be great to get moved" conversation again with my boss about a month after that position was filled, he commented that he wanted me there but due to a late store opening (my ONE and only write-up for the entire time I've worked in the company), he couldn't get approval. I joked and said good, obviously my body knew I should sleep in that day since I wouldn't have accepted that store transfer anyway. We talk a little bit and he says he still has plans to move me early on next year, and people will be getting moved around "whether or not they want it."

Fast forward to today, when again I mention how nice it'd be to have security cameras in a non-mall location. He says again his plans to move me early next year - but that he can't give me any hints on where. I kind of complained....I'd like to have SOME insight on my career and where I'm headed. He then said he had to wait until it was more final, and then he'd tell both myself and the other SM (sounds like it would just be us two swapping stores) at the same time. Which leads me to believe, he's still wanting to move me to that other store. I told him again all the reasons I do NOT want that location, that I'd rather stay at my CURRENT location than move to that specific one. Then he kind of smirked and said "well technically, I can move you anywhere within 60 miles." I (unprofessional I know) said okay, so two weeks is the standard for giving notice, right? Basically saying force me in a store I've expressed I DO NOT WANT, and I'll look into other companies for employment.

I know he's tried to bully other SMs into taking transfers, and it hasn't worked. I think he'd be dumb to try to force me into something I obviously feel so strongly against, and have listed the reasons to him for not being interested in it. Especially because he and others have told me how well I'm doing, and my stores performance speaks for itself. Why would you want to **** off an employee that's doing well for you? And why would you want to risk losing them for a dumb move on your part?

Because he won't give me any REAL insight, just hints like "people are moving whether or not they like it," I don't even know for sure if this is the store he wants to move me to. It just seems dumb to me, a manager myself, to try to bully people into areas they won't be happy in. That's not how you make good employees. It's causing me stress just thinking about a potential conversation of getting transferred to that location.

Ugh. I don't think I'm even looking for advice in this, just needed a place to vent. Has anyone else been in a similar situation where they were told they'd have to accept a transfer, or risk losing their job?


Sep 6, 2006
i'm not sure what company you work with but as far as i've seen with mall retail brand type of don't get to move from one store to another until theres an opportunity to do so (like that SM that got fired, and a spot opened).

he seems to make it seem like he can move people around at will, which is untrue, as you've mentioned that he's tried it with other SMs and that didn't fare well.

so how do you expect him to know of a store that he can transfer you to especially considering your position is the SM not AM or sales, stock, cashier, etc?

unless your company is growing and plans on opening new stores; is it?