Transferring money between PayPal accounts

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  1. I have a personal PP account and a new business PP account.

    Personal one is registered here and is my usual buying / selling account. It has funds in it which I cannot withdraw due to not having the required US or Japanese bank account.

    I've just set up an online business registered in the UK, with corresponding UK PayPal and UK bank accounts.

    Do you know if I can send my personal PP balance to my business PP so I can withdraw it to UK bank?

    I've googled but found conflicting information.

    I can't call my personal PP as I don't speak Japanese, and I'm not too keen on alerting the UK PP people about my dual residency as they were damn awkward when I moved here.

    Or shall I just do it and see what happens?!
  2. I would just do it. But don't do too much at one time. Like not over $500 per month, and maybe even spread that out over a couple of $250 transactions. Because large amounts get flagged and frozen.
  3. i'd just do it too
  4. Hmm, I want it all - now! LOL
    I wanna go shopping when I go to the UK next week.

    I'll see what happens - it's not like I'm doing anything illegal, like money laundering.
  5. See if you have to pay PP fees for that.
  6. Transfer the money in small should be okay
  7. Yeah, that's part of the problem NSP - I would have to pay 10% on the payments into my business account OUCH! Plus the evil PP exchange rate.

    And transferring small amounts over a period of time... well, yes that may work, but I was hoping to get the whole lot into my UK account by the end of next week.

    I guess I may as well leave it in PP and buy something off *bay or Bonanzle in the Autumn with it.

    Such a dilemma LOL!
  8. yes!