Transferring feedback to Bonanzle?

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  1. Bonanzle has the option to transfer ebay feedback over. Has anyone had problems doing this? Is it safe? TIA
  2. No problems, yes is safe.
  3. No problems. It just takes a few minutes. Just go to "My Bonanzle" and click on "Feedback" on the top left corner (6th down, I think). You will be taken to a page that has a green link asking you if you want to import your feedback from fBay. Click on it and follow the instructions. Good luck.

    BTW, everyone, Bonanzle now has more than 23,000 users!
  4. :yahoo::nuts::yahoo:
  5. I had no trouble transferring mine. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they count repeat seller feedback separately, unlike eBay, so your count will go up.
  6. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback!
  7. If you transfer the feedback then would that leave your ebay feedback back at 0?
  8. No pro_shopper. Your ebay feedback stays where it is.
    It just mirrors your feedback so peeps can see you have a record of selling/buying online!
  9. i wish bonanzle would split the feedback into feedback as buyer versus seller.