Transferring bags, including B's and K's ?

  1. Has anyone ever had or heard of a store transferring or charge/sending a B or a K from another store? I have heard mixed messages on this and would be interested in the experience of forum members in this regard.
  2. I have heard mixed answers on this as well. I don't think it is an easy task to get a store to transfer inventory though.
  3. Each store has their own policies. Some will and some won't. Some will only transfer anything but a Birkin or Kelly or Exotic
  4. I had an azap wallet in Turquoise transferred from one of the west coast stores after my SA found it. Am sure it will be a different story with bags...
  5. my SA said she will ask for the GPT in another store and get it transferred
  6. Anything is possible. Most boutiques do not want to let go of their inventory and therefore give up a sale. They may however do it as a "favor" for the receiving boutique. I have to tell you, I have heard they only perform this action for certain clients. I never say never, but good luck to you!
  7. I had a podium-ordered Birkin transferred from one store in Europe to another (same country), as I was not going to be anywhere near the original store.
  8. if you have a certain bag style and specs in mind and if your SA is pretty resourceful that day - she'll pick up the phone and make a few phone calls. she'll then call you up and say it's shipped to your local store without commitment. but sometimes, if it's a long holiday weekend, the other store won't give it up!
  9. I've always had items transferred from other stores if my store doesn't have those items when I want them. They have also transferred a Kelly for me before. Never tried a Birkin though. Guess that would be a tough one.