Transfering Hermes...

  1. Hi, everyone!

    I have some questions for you guys...I want a mink coat from Hermes. But my favorite:love: Hermes store does not have any. So, my SA has to do 'search'. There is one in different Hermes store. I felt really bad to ask to tranfer, because I think I heard that sales credit for the tranfered items goto the original store ...not to the store where I bought the items from. Is it true? If there is no benefit for my SA or to the store for tranferring my items, I really don't want to bother them. If that is the case, I rather searching myself instead of bothering my busy SA.
    She even offered me that if that store is holding it for their cilent or it is spoken for someone already, she would search Hermes in France! So, I want to make sure I am not wasting her time doing it...If she is going through that much of troubles to just help me find my mink coat, and not getting any credit, I would feel really horrible...

    I know for sure NO benfit of transfering Birkins/Kellys (they don't trasfer Birkins/Kellys anyway..) for the store or for SA.

    Can someone help me with some info. on this? Thank you:flowers: .
  2. I don't think you should feel guilty at all, after all that's their job. They are supposed to 'take care' of their customers. I am sure your SA will reap the benefits from you when you make future purchases from him/her.
  3. All my transfers had my SA's ID number on them.
  4. I think your sa would be disappointed if you didnt ask her ... i know my fabulous sa helped me to locate my birkin with nothing in it for her but kindness....thats what i call personal service........:smile:
  5. HG-So, it mean she gets the credit...right?Then maybe manager of store would not like the idea of think..? b/c trasfered item is not bought from her/his (manager) store...
  6. I would assume my SA gets the credit since his ID number is on the receipt. Aspen, they've never given me grief over a transfer ever, big or small.
  7. Thank you for fast respond, HG!
  8. The SA will still get some credit for it because her name is on it. I was told that they split the credit or something
  9. Aspen, you're so sweet! 90% of the items I'm looking for the store I work with doesn't have, so my SA always arranges a transfer. Interestingly she always has the item transferred to her first before sending it to me herself so I am pretty sure she gets some sort of credit for the sale as the sale is rung up at her store even though the item may have come elsewhere. I am sure you could express your concern to your SA, and she may give you a direct answer, and as a bonus, she'll think you're one of the nicest clients she has for looking out for her! :flowers:
  10. I don't think you should worry Aspen. You are the customer and it is a service they will and should provide. Your SA's # will be on the receipt, but it will also show the credit used and that will then be able to be tracked down to the initial store.

    I remember my SA saying that they won't transfer at my store etc. She said they don't want their merchandise to go out and give another store the sale etc. She blabbed on about it, but to me all she was saying was don't think if you see a bag somewhere else that we will be able to get it for you etc. Terrible that I have to look at it that way, but that is how it is.

    If your SA is willing, I say go with what you want and thank her graciously for being an amazing SA for you. You are fortunate!
  11. my SA always find stuff for me somewhere else, stuff i don't need and they don't have at our local H store. bottomline is, she's always searching stuff so my guess is - they get commission no matter where it's coming from.

    sometimes though, if it's a major weekend holiday - they'll wait after that weekend to ship it over to your local H. they figure there will be major shopping decisions on a three day weekend. sorry, off topic.
  12. Thank you! You guys are always helpful!
  13. pazt...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: you are so funny... Your SA find stuff that you don't need...hehe:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. ALL THE TIME...and you feel like you're obliged to get it (since she did all the trouble :Push: ). LOL! :upsidedown:
  15. Dang, your SA sounds like mine! Mine also finds things that I don't need, and she always does that after having me make an appt with her to come in, and then I feel like I have to get it because I took up her time.