Transatlntic Annie!!! Winging her way 1st class to Texas as we speak!!!

  1. Ok,with permission,here are the pics of Kroquets gorgeous new Annie,and what a peach she is!!! So Kroquet you have the pleasure of sharing your new baby with everyone elses reveals tonight!!

    Enjoy sweetie!!!!!xxxxxxx:heart::love::yahoo:
    Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 001.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 002.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 008.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 009.JPG
  2. Here are some more of her flirting with my Elgin,just to show the beautiful ageing effect,you got all this to come Kroquet!!!
    Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 018.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 019.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 021.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 024.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 027.JPG
  3. Oooooo gorgeous.
  4. She is just sooo beautiful!!! Can't wait for her to arrive!!!!:heart::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Bag ban now!!!! (Does not include accessories, though!!)
  5. WEll done Chaz,:angel::angel::angel:
  6. Kroquet can't wait for you to get it.
  7. And here are some of her being sprayed,Kroquet trusted me to spray her before she left,and as an illustration of how much to use,and once dried there is no color change.
    So I should really say thank you Kroquet for furthering my scientific research and your trust in me!!!:tup:

    I'm sure all the other hesistant ladies will thank you too,for allowing me to use your Annie for this purpose,so ladies,say a HUGE thank you to Kroquet an get sprayin!!!!

    Incidentally,if you want to compare before and after,I photographed her with the Elgin once she had dried and had a buff.As you can see,no color change!!!
    Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 012.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 013.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 015.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 017.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 014.JPG
  8. Chaz - so glad Mulberry let me send to you!!! Thanks for the treatment!!!
  9. No worries,there was no way they would ship out to Texas,I asked again after you paid and they said no. but alls well that ends well!!! They send their best wishes and hope you enjoy,me,I'm just glad I could put that honey on your arm!!!!!:heart::love::tup:
  10. I really think we need to discuss this "need" for you to drench gorgeous handbags in the name of science! I'm sure Freud would be able to attach some other reason.

  11. Chaz, you're so sweet, you ought to get some kind of "foreign trade enabler" medallion.

  12. I find the Collonil part of this thread outright scary:sweatdrop:. I would trust Chaz with my family, but not with my bags!
  13. chaz -
    you are just TOO much.....truly "aiding" Annie on her way to Kroquet and giving her a "spa" treatment too!!!
    you are a kind kind kind soul....AND crazy! :roflmfao::p:woohoo:

    and "Sofa King Daft" to boot!
  14. Annie Oakley get your guns !!!

    ( I know that shes from Ohio , but its the closest I could think of !!!)
  15. She looks gorgeous, Kroquet! Congratulations! And how sweet are you, Chaz to arrange safe passage to Texas! You deserve a Mulberry medal! :yes: