Transatlantic Leather Map Bag for women?

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  1. Hi -

    I was checking out the Coach website when I came across this Transatlantic Leather Map Bag - it's marketed for men, but I was wondering if any women out there use it as well?

    I don't have a Coach store in my city, so I'd have to order it sight unseen, which is why I'd like some opinions.

    I'm planning a trip to Thailand in the near future, so would like something that would be able to stash some stuff but be understated, as this one looks like.

    I'm on the petite side, 5'1" tall (because this is bag is part of the men's line, there doesn't seem to be any "try it on" function like there is in the women's lines).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The map bags are nice and compact.

    I like the men's totes - nice and sturdy feeling! They were sold out of the one I wanted.
  3. I have the Transatlantic messenger bag. I love it! I am a paralegal and I need to walk to court often to file things so it is nice to have a bag i don't have to carry. I am petite (5'3) as well!