transaction outside of ebay - how liable am i as a seller?

  1. if a buyer offers to purchase an item outside of eBay, what things should i be aware of as a seller? what should i look out for? what are some precautions to take? thanks! :yes:
  2. I do believe that it is more risky for the buyer than the seller to purchase outside of eBay. If they are paying via Paypal then they do not have any buyer protection if the transaction goes wrong.

    Just make sure that they have a confirmed Paypal address and that the item is sent with tracking and insurance for your own protection. Good luck!!
  3. they can use a fake credit card through paypal, or a stolen paypal account, and there would be no seller protection.
  4. i never do any transaction out of eBay:yes:
  5. I wouldn't do it.
  6. The safest way for both buyer and seller is to meet with your customer in person, let him/her inspect your merchandise to his/her satisfaction and only accept cash for payment.

    Of course, this is not always possible.