Transaction Completed Through Paypal "Invoice"? Safe???

Apr 18, 2008
Northern VA
I did a search for this and couldn't find any info so I'm posting here. I hope someone has a little more knowledge about this than I do...

So a few days ago I found an auction for some earrings online. I was going to BIN when I realized the same seller had the matching bracelet as well. For both items, the starting bid was the same as the BIN price and free shipping was offered on both. Also, both items were listed at a BIN higher than what these usually sell on ebay.

I sent a message to the seller telling them that I'd be interested in buying both items if he could provide a discount. After some e-mail/message exchnages, we agreed on a price that was a little less than 10% off the original BIN. But by the time we came to his agreement, both auctions had ended. We continued communicating and I figured that he would relist so I can buy but now the seller is refusing the relist stating that "I refuse to give one more penny to eBay and ifI relist, it will be at original BIN". Instead her send me this Paypal invoice thing to my e-mail that basically only states the total amount and that's it. It's not tied to an auction or anything.

I want the jewels but I'm afraid I'm not protected buying it like this? He sounds like an honest guy buy they all sounds nice BEFORE they rip you off. Has anyone been in a similar situation and can provide some advice? Thank you all in advance!!!


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Oct 4, 2006
Sounds like an off ebay transaction. I would not do it unless I knew exactly what I was getting.

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May 24, 2008
Agreed.. you are describing a non-ebay transaction, meaning there is no auction, and PP does not offer any buyer protection for non-ebay transactions. SO.. you have to weight the RISK of a non-ebay transaction against the 10% you are going to save. Are you saving enough to risk getting "fake" items, or no items at all?
Apr 18, 2008
Northern VA
Thank you for your input. You pretty much confimed what I was already thinking.

I was actually kind of offeneded by this seller in the last e-mail he sent me - telling me a whole sob story about how he is selling this for his wife's best friend who got from her ex boyfriend and then got dumped and how he thought we had a done deal, etc. OK, well, I didn't dump her, did I? And why should I feed bad because I'm trying to have protection for my hard-earned money. Ridiculous.


Feb 1, 2007
Unless you already know and trust the seller, I would say do not do this off ebay. You'll have no protection from PP if anything goes wrong. If the seller really wants to sell the items, he can do a BIN for you, even if it means he needs to factor in the "high ebay fees" for your price. I mean come on, he sells on ebay, and he knows it costs fees to do so, and that people should be rightfully scared when they have no protection.
And yes too much info can be off-putting. Just list the item already! I don't need/want to hear about your wife-beating husband's friend/sister/grandmother who you is divorcing or WHATEVER the sob story is...
If wants a "done deal," he needs to do it the way that is safest: BIN on ebay and pay with PP.
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Feb 6, 2008
Actually, you do get buyer protection for an item not received on an off ebay transaction, you just can't file a SNAD. So if you have doubts about authenticity, either don't go off ebay or make sure you use a credit card. Your cc company gives you way more buyer protection than Paypal anyway. eBay auctions can protect you for SNAD but at the end of the day all ebay can do to a scam buyer is suspend them... credit card is the only safe way to pay, whether it's an ebay or off ebay transaction.