transaction almost complete... DILEMA! Buyer steals my listing!

  1. I just sold my Gucci Horsebit Hobo on eBay to a super friendly buyer who has paid me -- I'm just waiting for the funds to be transfered into my bank account from paypal. From what I understand, the money is mine, right (this is my main concern)?

    Here's my dilema.. I just happen to be browsing items that my buyer is selling and noticed that he too is selling a Gucci bag... and stole parts of my item description, some parts word for word, some modified! I want to report this to eBay but I don't want it to have a negative impact on my sale/transaction! Will eBay let this guy know WHO filed the complaint or keep it anonymous?

    What would you guys do?
  2. he's turning around and selling what he hasn't even gotten from you yet?
  3. No, it is kept anonymous.
  4. oops, no no! sorry for the confusion. he's selling another model and basically copied my reasons for selling the bag word for word, as well as my policy against selling fake merchandise, and return conditions.

    maybe i should let it go? something tells me he's harmless, but at the same time i feel like he has a lot of nerve to steal my text! :confused1: i DID put some careful thought into writing my listing.
  5. Please report him! I sell some things on eBay myself and I put a lot of time and effort into taking my own pictures and writing my own descriptions and it really makes me mad when someone else steals my pictures or description. Using another seller's pictures or description without their permission is against eBay policy. Please do report this person.
  6. that's exactly where my frustration is coming from -- i'm not computer illiterate by any means, but it did take me a good hour, if not more to take the almost two dozen photos i took, and to write a super detailed, honest description. to see a client of mine outright copy my text, let alone do so before our transaction is complete boggles my mind! :shrugs:

    i reported him -- hopefully they'll take down his listing.
  7. Your customer will know that you are reported. Because only the owner of original text can reported to ebay. I was once reported to ebay that my customer copied my listing including photo and text. Next morning my customer email me want me to tell ebay that i'm ok to let her use my listing..However, I didnt do that because she didn't ask me for permission first and i was just mad. I don't understand why she doesn't take her own pictures and writing her own word..:confused1:
  8. Hmm, I'm not 100% convinced that ebay will reveal that I was the one who reported him. Anyone registered with ebay can report a fellow ebayer, you just have to be logged in. They simply asked me for the item number that was I was reporting, the item number that it was violating, and a brief sample of the text copied. Anyone can do this, not just the owner of a listing... am I right?
  9. I think that anyone can report an image or description theft violation, but ebay usually takes action when the actual rights owner (the person it was copied from) reports it because then they know for sure that it is being used without permission. I'm not sure if ebay will reveal who reported it. It shouldn't have any effect on the money the buyer has already paid you, however, if that's what you're concerned about. The money has already been credited to your paypal account and won't be taken away.
  10. That's what I was thinking too, thanks for reassuring me :smile:

    Maybe the horror stories in the the ebay forum here have me sweating a little :sweatdrop:. I haven't sent the bag yet, I will be doing that first thing Monday morning... I just don't want this guy to hold a grudge against me and do something ridiculous like claim I sent an empty box (I just read a thread about this!). Then again, I guess I should have thought about this BEFORE I sent the report.

    Up until what I just did he has been super friendly, with great communication. I even wrapped the inside of the box with a gorgeous navy wrapping papper and curled up a ton of white and gold ribbons for the buyer since it's for his girlfriend (sounds like a lot of work, but I had fun! I'm a dork...) :s
  11. Personally, I would just casually ask your buyer about it. I know you are in the middle of a transaction but still I would do it. That's just me.