Trans fat gets replaced with worse: Interesterified fat (IE fat)

  1. NYC recently banned restaurants from using trans fat. Lots of packaged foods and spreads stopped including trans fats. But many are replacing it with a worse fat: interesterified fat. (wikipedia entry).

    It makes bad cholesterol go up more than saturated fat, and maybe more than trans fat. Here is an article:

    This is so terrible! All these replacements end up worse than the original. :sButter is so much better for you than this stuff.

    On another note, diet soda is supposed to cause more metabolic problems than regular soda.
  2. How horrible!
  3. stick w/olive oil and you'll avoid the saturated fat of butter
  4. ^^ Agreed, although the saturated fat of animals (butter, lard etc) is still far better than trans-fats which are evil. At least they're natural. Olive oil is still the best though!

    Replacing trans-fats with something worse is criminal; it completely goes against the intent behind the banning, which is to protect people's health, rather than banning a particular product for no reason.
  5. I guess you have to go to restaurants that you really trust. My husband and I completely stay far far away from chain restaurants and stick to the local ones. Our experience is that they will tell you exactly what is in the meal that they are serving you, and stay away from fried foods. MUFA's are the new best thing when it comes to dieting and using oil.