Tranquility Alley

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  1. [​IMG]

    this is pretty
  2. Am considering getting this

  3. I like the good girl hobo!
  4. I came accross that site this weekend too. I like some of their items.
  5. I don't know. Napierville, IL is where I had to send my sophisticated spirit bag back to. To close for comfort.
  6. I lopve the animal print on the inside of the bag!
  7. They are a bit flakey. I had an order with them that took FOREVER to ship to me so I called to cancel. That was BEFORE the item shipped. They said OK. Then the bag arrived a week later. It took multiple emails and phone calls to finally get them to respond -- once I threatened to call Amex. THEN they agreed to pay the FedEx back to them and refund my money.

    You should talk to Bjara -- she has evidence that some of the stuff is bought off of eBay and resold....

    Anyone remember a few weeks back when I was asking about the time frame for a refund to be credited back to my cc? It was them.

    I received a IF Quilty Pleasure hobo from them with cat hair inside the bag and inside the sleeper...they had put a blueberry candle inside of the shipping the bag smelled like blueberries.

    It took many, many emails to them, contacting my credit card and a whole lot of stress to finally get my money back last week, via a check, and this has been going on since Thanksgiving. Not sure if it has cleared yet....

    You can't reach them by phone....and they make promises on refunds that they don't keep.

    I wanted to alert you all....but I wanted to wait until the transaction was completed before I did.

    Stay away. Trust me.
  9. You can get this for a lot cheaper at Nordstrom. I saw one last weekend at one of the mall's I went to. Call them and they can find one for you.

    These bags come in two sizes.
  10. Aww...don't look bad upon truly is a beautiful place. This is where I stayed last friend from CA moved there three years ago.

    Downtown and their suburbs are beautiful. :love:
  11. Ok thanks Bjara .........

    x's them off the list
  12. I'm really liking the Good Girl hobo....cute!
  13. While I haven't shopped with them, I do know that it's a brick and mortar store run by two or three elderly ladies. So their stuff is authentic, but they are older and a little flakey. Plus they are technically challenged, so there aren't so many digital pics of actual bags, just stock pics.