TRANNING!! Going Grey Gracefully! Show us your journey!!!!!

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  1. A year ago, about this time (after I was laid off from a job, but subsequently got a new one) I decided after 43 years of dying my hair, I would transition to natural i.e. GREY. Here is my pictorial journey to inspire those who WANT to do the same!! Viva le naturale!!!!!! My first 4 months going in!! 1 (21).jpeg 1 (22).jpeg 1 (23).jpeg
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  2. Then I hit the puppy uglies; huge hint DON'T LOOK at mirrors and sadly to feel pretty I poured on the makeup. As you can see I shattered my hair to cut away as much dye as possible. 1 (25).jpeg 1 (26).jpeg 1 (27).jpeg
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  3. But patience paid off, with supplements and perseverance I was starting to like my silver locks!! 1 (31).jpeg 1 (32).jpeg 1 (33).jpeg
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  4. So now that the year is up I'm about 95% transitioned (have a shade of borange on the tips in the back). My hair is DIFFERENT hair that lies better, feels so much softer and I can go days without washing!!! Share your journey!!!
    1 (37).jpeg 1 (38).jpeg 1 (36).jpeg
  5. You look beautiful! :love:

    I have been thinking about doing this for the last year or so but am planning (was planning?) to try to find a new job and thought I'd wait until I wasn't interviewing anymore. But I may be joining you sooner rather than later since I won't be able to get to a salon anytime soon!

    Thanks so much for the gorgeous pics and inspiration!
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  6. I was tranning and interviewing..COLOR CHALK and/or Spray..
  7. I love it!!
  8. You look great!! Awesome to watch the journey!
  9. Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing this! I’m seeing more and more women do it and loving seeing the transformations.
  10. Please others share away!! Even if you are just starting this journey! This should be a support group for women who want cross that road to naturalness in hair color.
  11. You look great!
  12. Oh TY!! It's quite freeing and fun. I would love to see others take that leap of faith and share their progression. I for one would be totally supportive!!!
  13. You look so awesome!! I’ve been growing out my (many years) dyed dark brown hair for a year and half, and I love it! The beginning part is definitely tough as there’s no easy way to get through that demarcation line. Once you’re through it though, it’s so liberating!
  14. For me, it was easy.
    I was naturally blonde, now I am grey, the two colours blendend very well.

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  15. I'm 33 and started to gray/white when I was 23. I colored my hair biweekly for 10 years or more. Then GOT game along and everyone thought white was cool, so I decided to go from dark brown to my natural white-gray. I bleached all the brown out in 1 session and a few weeks later colored for the last time with a basic gray. My hair was maybe 50% natural white when I decided I was ready, all I really needed was to cut all my hair off to remove old color. I took off 15+ inches and went almost to a buzz cut. My hair is now a mix of dark gray and white. It is now very long again to the middle of my back like the first picture and it's in amazing condition. After the gray color faded out my natural white and gray remained and it's been like that now for about a year. I'm very happy I made the decision to stop coloring while still young. I have a mixture of white-gray-black now so it's very cool imo :smile:

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