1. I'm thinking of buying this, what do you think or should I hold on for that Mabel??
    Love Mulberry but fancied something different, there's a couple of Mulberry bags on the site too!! I'm pretty sure it's a pukka site??
  2. thinking of buying what?????! I can't see any piccies!
  3. oops, sorry there now!! There's a Roxanne and a Bayswater on the site, I'm pretty sure they look genuine.
  4. is that the chloe silverado?
  5. There is postal address and phone number in the site. That is good sign. I have noticed that most fake sites only have form to send e-mail, no address or anything.
  6. It looks like a good site to me. Want to see modelling pics in the chloe forum when it arrives!
  7. It's a good looking bag. Let me know when you put up the pictures in Chloe forum. I'm trying to save my money!
  8. Me too Zooba, but this bag ban is killing me!!