Traitor! I just purchased a MJ Hobo Stam!

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  1. I cannot believe that I did this, but I LOVE the mouse color. Does anyone else have the Stam Hobo in Mouse? I feel weird about this, because I could have had another Balbag for the price! What do you think?
  2. I think you're in the wrong section but I love the MJ hobo stam, I would love to see pics.
  3. The reason I posted here, is I am a Balenciaga girl. I do not variate! So I was just wondering what the Balbag girls thought of my purchase and if they have an MJ Stam how it compares. Thanks!
  4. mj stam is heavy... i have black stam and used to have a white patent stam.. its like weighlifting everytime i take them out... more dressed up / conservative look, while bbags can be both down-to-earth & dressy

    bbags are so much lighter, leather is gorgeous but fragile...
    but then again, stam is low maintenance but the leather arent smooshy so you cant enjoy stroking it like a bbag...
  5. I bought that bag but returned it. It was so bulky and big and just didn't look right on me. It didn't seem as heavy as the regular Stams but I couldn't handle it. Have you seen it in person?
  6. IT is heavy even though leather is thick and nice~~But is it nice bag except the weight..
  7. When I used to be into MJ, I owned 2 stams, black & putty. I sold the putty and returned the black. The bags were very heavy!
  8. HEAVY!! Pretty bag but way too heavy for me.
  9. he only stam i like is in black :P
    exchange it with a greige b-bag? :graucho:
  10. :graucho: black stam?
  11. Thank you all for your replies. :smile: I appreciate it!
  12. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! LOVE the stam...great colour...ENJOY!!!!!! It's a nice break from your b-bags...
  13. i am eye-ing my first b-bag :smile: and i like the "first" :yes: i have a 2005 season stam, who is said to be heavier than the newer stams, but i do not find it heavy at all. the b-bag must be sooo light! congrats on your MJ. the hobo is not my favourite, but MJ certainly have some really plush, scrumptious, and heavenly leather. a nice change from the more delicately georgeous leather of the b-bags.