Trains, Planes, and Automobiles > how do LV lovers organize their passes?

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  1. Commuters who love LV - show me how you organize your train tickets, bus passes or tickets, Nexus pass, general travel or commuting paraphernalia!

    I travel often by Plane, bus, car, even ferry and find I am always scrambling to find my tickets or keys. I would love to see how commuters all over rock it in LV style
  2. My Pochette Accessories is indispensable for travel. I put my passport and boarding pass/tickets into the interior slip pocket and leave the rest of the space for my iPhone and earbuds, keys, hand sanitizer, a pen, gum, lip chap, and Kleenex. Regardless of the actual purse I'm wearing I just pop it in and can find easily find everything later. When flying I put it in the seat pocket in front and that way I don't have to keep bending down trying to get my purse off the floor...not fun in cattle class when the person in front reclines their seat.
  3. I fly only once a month or so but when I do I keep an old MC Pochette inside my bag with my passport, boarding pass and other essentials. The zipper is so smooth on that bag and it's super easy to spot since it's so loud LOL.

    I have a train pass that I also use about once a month. That just stays in my wallet because it's the shape and size of a credit card.

  4. That's a great idea!! Can you post pics?
    Visuals always make threads better ️

  5. Great idea using a colourful piece. Next time you fly can you post a pic of your pochette in action?
  6. Passport, old iPhone 5 (used as an iPod), earbuds, kleenex, pen, hand sanitizer, eos lip balm, eos hand lotion, breath mints, and a Coach cles (I use this one for holding my student ID/bus pass when going to school) attached to my keys.
    If I removed that huge cles and exchanged that lip balm ball for a traditional stick then I could easily fit a few more things inside.

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  7. I travel a few times a year and my Bastille MM is my go-to handbag for it.
    The front pocket is perfect because it fits my passport for easy access. And the straps fits right over the suitcase handle so I don't have to carry it. I put a few low denomination bills in my cles in case I need to buy something quickly.
    I keep my ID and rest of my currencies inside my wallet or pocket organizer and that stays inside the bag. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461162567.249432.jpg
  8. Beautiful bag!
  9. I like to take my backpack when I need to travel by train. I hook my mini ipad up to my keyboard which is why my keyboard is in this pic.

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  10. Thanks! Seems like a pochette is super handy.

    Anyone else have action pics of their LV and how you keep organized commuting to work today?
  11. I bought a pocket organiser for my husband but he wasn't keen on it so I use it for my bus pass and other cards. It's lovely. I like the idea of a pochette for travel.

  12. Have any photos handy?
    Do you use a cles?

    Anyone else care to chime in with how they stay organized while commuting to work?