1. Have you guys ever (or still do) work with a trainer? If so, what was your experience??

  2. I have worked with trainers in the helps if you are bad with sticking to a good routine...
  3. I had a wonderful trainer, who really pushed me. I tend to get lazy when I work out, and he was the extra push I really needed. I noticed results much more faster than when I had worked out alone.

    Unfortunately, he was in the building where I worked (we have a small gym in the basement of our building). He ended up getting a promotion at another location so I had to end my sessions. I am hoping we get a new trainer soon since I am on my own again.
  4. Trainers are great. They're good so you don't have to think about what you have to work on and your workout never plateaus. If I could afford it, i would have a trainer 4 times a week.

    I worked w/ 3 trainers and had good experiences w/ all of them. My fav. was this lady named Bara... she was 45+, 2 kids, and had an 8 pack (talk about inspiration). She taught me how to eat... which may sound ridiculous but is very critical when working out. I don't have a trainer now because my BF is a trainer. It's hard because we work out at different gyms so he doesn't really work me out, except when he gets home.. he gives me a total AB workout which helps because I hate doing ABS at the gym.
  5. Do you guys get trainers that come to or the ones that you meet at the gym?
  6. At most gyms they usually set u up w/ a trainer. My fav trainer, was my spin teacher and she came up to me. I usually like to pick my trainers.. .find out what they have to offer me? What are their certifications? NASM? Do they usually go w/ the gym culture in terms of training? Do they know about nutrition? and plus I look at their bodies... if they're not fit, how can they get me fit????
  7. Trainers are great to get you started and teach you proper technique and they work your @$$ off! I loved working out with a trainer, but hated paying for it!
  8. Ummmmmm ok!
    I'm convinced!

    I have problems sticking to a routine, so I was going to see my first trainer at a gym!
  9. I watch the trainers train their clients so I know what to do and not have to pay them!
  10. Thats my trick!!! :roflmfao:

    I did actually have a trainer a few years ago and it was a good experience. I learned several new workouts and target exercises which I still use today. My trainer was very reserved and I needed someone that would PUSH me. After my classes were up with him, I started doing what Coldplaylover does :smile:
  11. I've actually had a bad experience with a trainer. He was assigned to me from 24 hr fitness. I've only had one "official" session with him but we REALLY didn't get along- to the point that he asked someone else to take me. I don't really mind, since my new trainer is very cute (lol) but.. I think that those big chain fitness centers (24 hr, ballys, etc) really focus on making money more than helping out their clients. I was appalled at the lack of professionalism from my ex-trainer. (And I'm REALLY easy to please. I don't like conflict.)

    If you want a trainer, I would recommend that you go somewhere where you can pick one out yourself. Don't have someone assign one to you. It just doesn't work sometimes. However, I do recommend getting one- even though we had a bad time together, my trainer pushed me to do things that I would never have considered doing. I've been really sedentary for the past couple years and his session really sparked my fitness addiction. I think having a trainer can be great for people who are lost at the gym- like I was.
  12. i worked with a trainer before, cost me lost of money. well. had the trainer til i ran out of me:shame: . i learned quite a bit. still aplly what i learned. now i meet with one once a month or maybe two, just to change my routine around. especially when i am stuck on a plateau like i am now....again.....

    i know WOW (work out world) in NJ as part of their membership offer a free trainer session for one hour every month. i wonder if other gyms do it too.